75th gig : Huge success !

An evening like tonight makes me remember why I like Standup Comedy, and why I performed already at 75 gigs (and next week going to an 76th with Hacklers encouraged, near the Liverpool station.)

Black Bird Comedy, was tonight in New Cross, SE14 5LW, at the Telegraph pub.

What a wonderful audience, MC and comedians! They did laugh strong and long during each of my gags, 10 minutes of laughter and "I loved you!" "You were so funny!" "you were so great and funny" at the pause. I got the response I expected every time, tonight. What a pleasure!

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  1. Here it is from Nathalie, who organised it. "Am still buzzing after a FANTABULOUS night at Simply the Jest. Big love to the acts who put on an amazing show.... Tez Ilyas Athena KugblenuKev G Louise Beamont Reay Giada Garofalo Hjalmar Tjan Julie Kertesz Glen 'Lenny' Sherman. You guys were awesome and the audience had a ball."