"If you ain’t funny, you better get funny!" Workshop & Standup Show

"If you ain’t funny, you better get funny!" Workshop

Humour is one of the greatest assets a speaker can have, and most professional speakers will tell you “if you ain’t funny, you better get funny”. But if you ain’t funny, don’t worry, because the ability to make an audience laugh is a learnt skill.
On Friday 26 JuneWe have a session from professional stand-up Daphna Baram then David Jones will present workshops on how to use humour in your public speaking. David performs stand-up comedy and runs stand-up comedy courses, and is the five-time UK & Ireland Table Topics champion. He was my workshop leader in 2011 and through me out on the circuit "at least 20" he told me! I've done more then 77 now.
Come and learn from London’s most experienced Toastmasters.
After the workshops there will be a comedy show, starring Toastmasters who have been performing stand-up on the London circuit.

Chris Boden and I will be the MCs for the show. The running order (there will be no break in the show):
Caterina Kostoula
Gary Ogin
Tony Winyard
Karthik Venugopal
Monica Liljeroth
Warren Sheng
Julie Kertesz
Mark Pratt
Justine Bornstein
Where: Concert Artistes' Association, 20 Bedford Street, London WC2E 9HP
When: 7:00 PM -- Arrive 7:30 PM -- Workshops. 
9:00 PM -- Stand-up show. 10:30 PM -- Show ends.
Not only promised to be a fantastic evening, it was indeed.  
From Lyn Roseaman, Area 45 Governor


Fill the well, refresh the soul

Monday in Riga, first photos in an album on flickr.

In Artist's Way, Judith Cameron says, we have to do "morning pages" to take out whatever is heavy to us and also get new inspiration by doing weekly "fill the well" diverse outings and discoveries.

I am not travelling week by week, but once or twice a year, I like to go out for a week and discover a new country, city, place.

This week, I am in Riga. With my stick, yes, need it in the centre's "only walking" cobblestones, alone - not alone, with my camera. And now, even my iPhone camera.

Lots to discover, lots to absorb, new inspiration to find.

Whatever creation we do, from time to time, getting new horizons, seeing new places, colours, people, we need to refill!