StandUp Comedy Books

Here are ten I did buy, read and study from January till now.

Some are more useful for me then others, but from all I learned, was inspired and have to go back to them again and again.

The first I found was Logan Murray book, whose very useful workshop I attended in May.

But there are others, classic or very useful ones, each helping me one step farther;

StandUp Comedy Books-05

The Tookbox was the second one I liked a lot and Judy's old and still very actual book is a classic by now. From her I learned the use of instinctive afterthought movement or/and phrase, just after the punch and laugh. Usual it provokes an even bigger laughter.
StandUp Comedy Books-01


At Crossroads, Julie in Communist Romania

Delivered live at the Canal Cafe Theatre, With Spark London, Crossroads theme
Tuesday 6 June 2011

Of course, there is a lot more to tell about it but this is how the story was told.

When I suddenly met Elena Ceusescu, and my life crumbled, all I worked for the six years before disapeared...