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Working on a speech, a story a comedy set goes up and down, and even more when we begin a new one.

After the relative cold of the audience 10 days ago, I was voted 'best speaker' at our speech marathon meeting, with an improved version.

It is not easy to tell a 'standup tragedy' story that touches audience, but I succeeded a lot better this time, my confidence is back. I will be able to make yet another important story and add it to my repertoire.

Of course, more to tell, more to improve. "Your best so far" told me one of them. I am not so sure, but it is a true story worthwhile to tell. Necessary to leave. I will probably put here the video when I receive it.

The story of three naked women. In Auschwitz, where I was not told to me when I was just past 11 year old, by my future aunt, 20, who just returned. It remained in me as if I was there from that time. Now, I try to transmit.

she told me many stories, I had chosen this from them, as it impressed me most and made her feel guilty - when she was not. Already at 11 I understood that.

It also made me grow up. Changed me. I do believe it did have a great impact on my life, because I could visualise it so well. Now I will be giving the story, acting it out, many times, till it improves, crystallises well, as the story of 'when I was ten, the war caught up with me.


The self living and the self remembering

The self living in the moment and the self remembering, are not the same.
Remember: ending are very important - as are "specific important moments".


Make their day!

Speak Schmeak: Does your audience say you made their day?
From Lisa's blog:

"On a recent teleseminar, one of my participants mentioned that his audiences are frequently attending for CEUs, and that they weren't pa... (Story)

Why not make your presentation the best possible experience for them, anyway? So that when they leave they say, "I'm really glad I came."

Take the time to make the little things count. Craft an engaging opening. Wrap up with a strong closing. Incorporate audience interaction. Tell stories, use analogies, make it interesting. Connect.

Do all the things you do when your audience wants to be there. Make it fun for yourself and for them, too.

Give them an experience that erases the ho-hum attitude they walked in with, and replaces it with: The whole trip was worth it."


Not guilty! true tragic tale by Julie

Stand Up Tragedy is a night where people stand up and tell tragedy. 

We make you sad; we make you think; we make you smile

Expect music, comedy, fiction, spoken word, true stories and more, all playing up to the tragic form but not always taking it seriously. The night ends, not with a whimper, not with a bang, but with a cathartic sing-a-long. Stand Up Tragedy of 2013 at the Hackney picture house, Hackney attic on 17th May 19 h.

• Liars' League (http://liarsleague.typepad.com/
Julie Kertesz (http://www.4thought.tv/themes/what-does-it-take-to-change-your-life/julie-kerteszTrue story from far in time and place. Three naked women (or: not guilty)
• Richard Tyrone Jones (http://www.richardtyronejones.com/)

• Ben Target (www.twitter.com/BenTarget)
• Charley Lucy Harrison (www.twitter.com/charleylucyha)
• Gráinne Macguire (http://www.grainnemaguire.com/)
• So on and so forth (http://www.soonandsoforth.co.uk/)
• International Nobody (http://www.internationalnobody.com/)
• Liam Willday (http://liamwillday.com/)

"Tragic Karaoke" from 11pm.

Here's a review of the last Stand Up Tragedy we did at the Hackney Attic: http://www.thelondonword.com/2013/01/stand-up-tragedy/


One Year In Comedy with Alan Nelson

One more night.

Saturday: great audience, mood, full gig. Even after a whole day work in Torquay, I still had great energy and, yes, 'I could'. We can. When the venue is right, the organiser top and MC really funny and full of energy.

When the audience, as most of time, but even more yesterday, is full of enthusiast laughter after laughter and cheering.

Good for the soul!

Sunday evening at 8 pm: still a few tickets remain.


Great MC and producer, Alan Nelson, great comedians (of course me too) and wonderful audience and mood. It did remind me why I love doing it, aside the experience gained from it. Gives joy! Gives energy! Gives you also a lot more good and new ideas then a glass full of scotch, indeed.

Give it a go this Sunday night, and even for a good cause. Full house it was, different audience each night. Interesting, reacting well to my set. We had all great time Saturday. Audience and comedians alike. And, Sunday too. Thanks Alan! Great MC.

The London Theatre' is very near the New Cross Station train or bus.

I met Alan first at the Comedy Virgins night out in Tooting: we have gone far from there, both. And all of us. We were good then, already, a bit more then a year ago, but gigging the last month gave us the 'little more' we needed. Now, all of us is even better. Hope, this will continue. For sure, yesterday gave me a bust not to stop whatever happens to me or in other environments. And hopes for future. Whatever arrives to us, learn to laugh of it, look at it with 'comedian's eyes.' It does make 'it' so much easier to bear and go through.


Comedy gig : this Saturday & Sunday in London

A special event, comedy gig organised by Alan Nelson, with the friends he liked in his last year's gigging and going around.

 I am between those he found 'interesting' and will be performing, this Saturday and Sunday night at London Theatre of New Cross.

'One year in Comedy'

Tickets prizes donated to the Alzheimer society.

Come, and have fun, and then decide to go out there, you too. Great 'stage time' experience can be learned.

Different audiences, different MC, different places. And of course, varied performers, too.

Only two nights.

443 New Cross RoadSE14 6TA London, United Kingdom