Use what you have

I learned from photography and Stand Up Comedy, the same thing:


Instead of saying, "it is fog" what can I do, one does not see far away, or "I am old" (or fat, or black, or red or freckled" use whatever you are as starting point.

It makes good communication!


Gestures that go with what we say

It is my 7th Stand Up in London and from each I learned.

Stand Up Comedy from Laughing Horse, Green Park from Julie Kertesz on Vimeo.
This is the first half of my stand up, before my battery failed and my friend stopped taking it at the "heat" of Laughing Horse, Green Park, in 18 November 2011 - at least here my black outfit worked very well, as did, I think my movements.

Also, different audience, different reaction.

This is an end in Cavendish Arms club, a week before.


How to Evaluate

Evaluate, in Toastmasters clubs term, means tell your opinion about a speach and a speaker, so as to help him develop and those listening learn. That is the added value, of all the Toastmasters club.

Not only we listen to speakers that prepared their speech after higher and higher difficulty projects, but also someone gives opinion on the strong points and how to improve and always finishes with what he liked most or the speaker strongest points.

That help us develop while not destroying but busting our confidence.

Here are some random observations of yesterday workshop about How to make a great evaluation held at Citicriers Club by Freddy Daniels. I will add here, soon, my speech and the three evaluations of it, and perhaps also so;e of his points. For the moment just from memory.
Freddy Daniels taught me yesterday a lot.

First, how to held a workshop, then how to speak about a speech and speaker.

How to evaluate him, or her, either in a club, a contest or, at the end, the short Table-topics.

1. Let me begin with the Table-topics, the most difficult to tell opinion about because the shorter.

Find a good point a recommendation and end by the best point; if you have time, if not, only one of the three but developed specific and useful to learn for the club. Write down the first thing you observe, do not wait to the end, as other speakers come in and it is not easy to remember.

For the evaluation of a longer speech when you have more time, write down all you liked and all that could be improved, then note in order which three where the best points, 1, 2 and 3. Begin telling the 2 and 3, then one or two detailed specific recommendations, followed by 1 the strongest from that speech.

At the end, summarize telling what you felt is the strongest point of that speaker or that speach.

Never use BUT in your evaluation. Keep it on the level of the speaker expertise. Do not use "you" but "him" or "she" so you address all the audience whom you speak and who then can learn more about speaking in public and what made great and how it could have been improved and, what you felt was the most wonderful from all.

I was the target speaker yesterday.

It was a humorous speech that could have been more humorous if I was not somewhat disturbet to tell two short four letter words at that Toastmaster meeting. When I was at ease, I got laugher. Good lesson. Also I could have ended like I begun instead of rushing to the end, and even added some, at least one of my setup punch. Paused more in some places, too.

It is recorded, so I wil be able to look and tell more about it, and also listen more carefully to the three evaluations of it, and what else they said, But, yes I can use here but perhaps, the most important is all I got, learned from the great Workshop.

What was the most important I have to remember?

Be always specific. Tell what, where and how. In third person, using I felt, I oberved, and no But. Instead, the speech could have been even stronger, or next time, try also.... Always find a recommendation, at least, and not more then two. End on a very positive point.

Otherwise, look for the Delivery, Structure and Content and try to find some points in each. Content being not the point made, but the short or easy to understand words and sentences, use of story or facts, number and strength of those, and so on.

Not bad all this remembered from memory!

That shows, how wonderful the two hour workshop of Freddy worked.!


Julie's Stand Up Comedy showcase at Laughing Horse, Brixton

Thanks for Chris Rose son to have taken the video of all of us from David T Johnson workshop, in September /October - great workshop and showcase that get all of us going to Comedy Clubs all over from that date on.

This show was live at 30 October in London, Brixton's (London) Laughing Horse


Direct from Canal Cafe Theatre, with my small dictaphone

this is the version recorded at the theatre yesterday evening, with my small Dictaphone,
 I'll put their professionally recorded version here as soon as I get it.

I was told, some cried, and I did hear also some laugh here and there. I got very good feedback, but the most important is was someone telling me: "It felt so near, as if have had happened - when you told us.

And also, they had "seen" how it happened, with me.

The war cought up with me when.mp3