A story hope and realisation

It was 5 years ago, before arriving in London.

I felt envy me too, to tell something and I thought I could make them laugh.

Without much conviction.

I had lots of laughs a few years ago in the center of France with the same story. I repeated a lot at home, this time, even taking short videos.

I called to say goodbye, my photo and blog mates, those living around Paris in a coffee bar in the 18th to listen to the fantastic couple arrived in Paris just for a while, the singer, her singing and playing the barrel organ. And others who are willing to perform.

My presentation was a fiasco. The desire was already in me to express myself. The desire was already in me, to make people laugh. The desire was already in me, to be more than just audience

It was not until I took photos in London for six months, I had six months "The Artist Way" meetups, and day by day wrote three pages in notebooks morning after morning, to begin to believe that I can try to be different as before, that I could do something else that I had always done.

First, tell about my life in public. Then, from last year's comedy.

Tonight, the first time, during a variety show, music and comedy, I'll be paid!*

Before me, a new medical intervention on my face. Behind me, teeth pulled out. Now, one ankle swells.

With all this, my main concern now, is how to make audience laugh for ten minutes!

A new part invented yesterday, while I was waiting my turn at the hospital :

"Born in Transylvania, I'm not a Vampire! My skin does not support sun. My eyes no longer tolerate strong light. But my teeth no more strong enough to bite!" and two other bits that went even better.

* Kaleida opening night went very well for me. Audience, organiser, and me, happy.

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