Why? Suddenly, in two days...

Suddenly, a photo I have taken fast, from a moving car, a moving woman stopping the morning traffic to let kids pass, becomes a "bestseller" on the web. In Flickr Explorer, a special place where the days "bests photos of the day" are found, from yesterday.

31.000 visits 103 photographers chose it like their "favorite" so far.

It also gave me ten new "followers" and offer to add it to the group called Explore.

Why this one? Product of a moment I wanted to conserve, product of my need to prove I was outside, just before I had to go up the stairs again and stay home. Hours, days. Often, many days.

A wonderful surprise, and a great pleasure, any way.

It also, suddenly gave me a huge number of hits, more then 35 000 yesterday, that I realised only this morning, looking at my "Recent Activity" on Flickr. Thanksgiving day.

Thanks to my now, more then eight million visitors for my photos, more then 8 million hits, in fact by now, in the last 9 years, since I started publishing my images on the web, under the name "joyoflife" or "julie70" on Flickr.

For each photo, I give tags, a title, some description most of the time, arrange it in an album that goes in a collection of certain theme. Add the bests of the day to a few groups, with similar themes. That makes a good pass time and a great way to connect also, day by day.

Yesterday I was preoccupied by a meeting with my division toastmasters leaders team, and did not look A lot, just realised ten more chose me as contact and looked at their photos but without knowing why, so this morning, it was a great surprise. another picture in Explorer!

Millions of photos are uploaded daily from all over the world on Flickr, and I never understood how and why one photo wind up there, but there are usually stunning ones! Having yet another on it is an honour.


A Toastmasters Podcasts on public speaking from Helsinki

Oscar Santolalla, from Peru, now living in Finland. 

"I joined Toastmasters in 2011.

I've been listening to podcasts a lot for the past years, in several topics including: economics, Product Management, entrepreneurship, comedy, football, and others. audiobooks. 

Summer 2014 I started with the idea of creating my own podcast. One day I made the decision to do it, and two months later I was launching (first the 17th October). 

I chose public speaking as my topic, and I decided that I would interview experienced people who would be willing to share their experience and ideas. 

I wish to connect public speakers with people who are learning, so everybody can shine. Its time to shine."

Oscar contacted me first through Facebook, then interviewed me first through email, then through Skype. 

His interviews of around 20 minutes are very interesting.

Links to episodes (until now):