Cavendish arm gig, 29 June 2016

So many young, thin, pretty women with me there to gig, but I won the best of the evening cup.
Perhaps, difference is good? And possible, it was a short revised routine that worked too.
I believe, also just the right contact with the audience, too.

Public vote at the Cavendish Arms, winner Julie

the public voted by applause first for the "bests" see them all here
then for the "best of the evening" - I won the second time the small cup!
First was in 2012 and now I have them both side by side.


Bill Clinton at Democratic National Convention

If not more, listen to the first 12 minutes:

All personal, humorously told stories!
Self mocking, and showing his future wife character too.

Listen to the last 5 minute: "She is the Real Change maker"
She is the REAL one, repeated again and again.

And, somewhere in the middle, after Hilary convinced a Senator from the other side, he tells Bill (played out with another accent and voice): You know, Bill it seems they elected the wrong president.

One can learn a lot from Bill Clinton, wether you tell political, corporate or any other kind of speech.
July 26, 2016