A first time, again

Firebirds collective meet from all over the globe as you can see here
This night was a first time for me, again: given a speech, a story of beginning in Toastmasters club - at 2 am my London time. Of course, as you can see from this picture, we had Toastmasters from different part of the world. Our moderator from Australia. My Evaluator from Dubai. My Timer from Canada. The Toastmaster introducing my speech from Chicago. Soon, in the morning, the Firebirds meeting will begin and we will have members from even more places participating.

An image speaks better then words in this occasion I do believe.


How to Start a Speech

Humorous lecture by Conor Neil! start with sock is nr 2 start with a story is number 1: a personal story!
Of course.


Back on the saddle!

Focus on one thing helps a lot!

Also, we can learn from one domain y as here and apply to the other.

Yesterday, I went out again, at my Lewisham Toastmaster club and had given a 15 minutes speech abut my love affaire with Ralph Smedley, (TM founder) and how much I feel he would love what will come with the REP (Revitalised Education Program) in the future.

I got great feedback from the Area Director, present so my presentation for the Area COT will be improved and yes, I will add slides to it. Lot of work in perspective for the end of the month and the joy to meet together officers from 6 clubs.

Also, I will have my thee front teeth restored, well, a dentures on them by that time and by March too for my next comedy gig in Depford, near Greenwich University.

You are booked for a 7 min spot on the 15th of March at the BEE HAPPY COMEDY. You must bring a friend to perform. Please do not arrive without a PLUS 1 as it is awkward to have to say you cannot perform.
Address: http://www.thedukedeptford.com/  please be there at 7:30.

I already have another toastmaster who just finished David Jones class and begun gigging, coming with me, but I would appreciate any of you reading this, being with us too.

I hope, now that I have given, once and filmed, a 20 minute Standup Comedy in public I will be able to select the best material and make a 7 minute (nonstop laughing) gig at a club where the last time I was told "come back whenever you want".

For me, it seems that the new year begins now, and I was challenged by the President of Firebirds collective, advanced Toastmasters, to give speeches from all the projects from Ralph Smedley Basic Training manual: I am writing and rewriting the first one. Title: CROSSING Boarders or I did not know I will be seen as a "migrant." A sad story, but also a story of resilience. We can bounce back, we can find something in any situation life drops on us. Those were the ten years 18/28 of my life.

 I'll try to finish with humour and even add some of it in the middle.