Back on the saddle!

Focus on one thing helps a lot!

Also, we can learn from one domain y as here and apply to the other.

Yesterday, I went out again, at my Lewisham Toastmaster club and had given a 15 minutes speech abut my love affaire with Ralph Smedley, (TM founder) and how much I feel he would love what will come with the REP (Revitalised Education Program) in the future.

I got great feedback from the Area Director, present so my presentation for the Area COT will be improved and yes, I will add slides to it. Lot of work in perspective for the end of the month and the joy to meet together officers from 6 clubs.

Also, I will have my thee front teeth restored, well, a dentures on them by that time and by March too for my next comedy gig in Depford, near Greenwich University.

You are booked for a 7 min spot on the 15th of March at the BEE HAPPY COMEDY. You must bring a friend to perform. Please do not arrive without a PLUS 1 as it is awkward to have to say you cannot perform.
Address: http://www.thedukedeptford.com/  please be there at 7:30.

I already have another toastmaster who just finished David Jones class and begun gigging, coming with me, but I would appreciate any of you reading this, being with us too.

I hope, now that I have given, once and filmed, a 20 minute Standup Comedy in public I will be able to select the best material and make a 7 minute (nonstop laughing) gig at a club where the last time I was told "come back whenever you want".

For me, it seems that the new year begins now, and I was challenged by the President of Firebirds collective, advanced Toastmasters, to give speeches from all the projects from Ralph Smedley Basic Training manual: I am writing and rewriting the first one. Title: CROSSING Boarders or I did not know I will be seen as a "migrant." A sad story, but also a story of resilience. We can bounce back, we can find something in any situation life drops on us. Those were the ten years 18/28 of my life.

 I'll try to finish with humour and even add some of it in the middle. 

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