Richard Murray on Judging well in Competition

Judging whiter
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Toastmaster and Bromley Speaker President speech yesterday, about how to judge in the Toastmaster Competitions

What to do and what not to do, wh en you are Judge at any Toastmaster Competition.

Here is a link how this would have been if we had the Internet connection - Richard send me. Great Power point presentation but only voice, no face, no hands. Probably, the two together add to each other, but it also shows what one can do when 'As Prepared' fails.

And, as I found in my life, sometimes is is not the AS PREPARED or expected wich is better on long.


Job promotion? Humorous speech

"Job promotion" humorous Toastmaster speech by a Toastmaster of Saudi origine
What a great example I discovered this morning on YouTube ! Get inspired by it!


From Blue Elephant, Edited

Edited version of the tale told at the Blue Elephant theatre, in preparation for the True Tales event.

I like my voice variety but still have some things to add. It helps a lot to be able to listen and listen again, and thus learn it better.

When I was ten.mp3

The editing is done with Audacity 1.3, a free wonderful software I learn to use better and better. It is almost as if you edit a text, but of course instead of putting part of it in bigger size I can amplify, or reduce the noise, and many other features I have yet to learn. Of course also cut unnecessary parts from it, ahms or even too long silences in the middle of a sentence or a whole paragraph that I feel is not needed. It is a pleasure to edit with Audacity, and then, export it again in a format my Box.net website and this blog admits.

Audacity can be found for PC and also for Mac, unlike Photostory from Microshoft only for 'official' Windows PC owners. But Picassa can also make a slideshow similar to Photostory, even if its use seems for me less intuitive for the moment.

So much available and so much to learn! There is a wonderful world out there for us, if only we can discover it, learn to approach and enjoy.


While speaking

While speaking, the movements are important and what happens around and where and how you stand and... so much richer then the only worlds on the paper!


So many things are revelant!

A book written almost 80 years ago by Brenda Ueland, "If you want to write".

1. Everybody is talented, original and has something to say.

We have to break through the shell to find what is true and alive underneath, of our timidity and strain.We all have something to express.

Expressing the truth, speaking from himself, each of us is original. One of the most important is gain the self-trust, like when we were children.

2. To love a person is not giving gifts but listening to them and believing in the good in them. Friends who love you, think you are interesting. "Tell me more." Tell to a friend or imagine such a friend, delighting in what you have to express.

3. Practice, practice, practice.
The creative power must be kept alive by using it but also by giving us some time out. The courage to be idle, let thoughts come to you. Let it grow. Give it freedom.

Ambition, prudence, fear and anxiety inhibit the energy.

With every speech created, delivered (or not) you have learned something. It has stretched or changed even your understanding. Expressing your uniqueness, as it did to you, a day may touch, help another. Share a feeling, a truth.

You will understood better also your own feelings and the events you speak or write about; think about. Express a sincere human feeling deep from you, understand more about it by thinking about, writing, speaking. Sharing.
Not to preach but to give it. It will not be a performance but a generosity.

4. Inspiration comes very slowly and quietly most of the time, but it will come sooner or later: let in the ideas. Do not force them. Dare to be idle! Dare to love people. Seek and ask for the answer in your imagination, but it it freedom, without worry. At times of idleness you are recharged.

Live, tell in the present.

tomorrow, more...