Latest Storytelling and Speech

I'll give a Workshop on Personal Storytelling title"Make a good speech into a great one to win" - win hearts and heads too not only contests. Citi Corp building. Citi Criers Toastmasters Club. Thursday 18 30 sharp beginning. Free, but have to register before.

Stories told recently 
(but other 100 others behind me already before these)
29th February 2012 at Lewisham Speakers, with Storytelling Workshop
5th March at Canal Café Theatre, with Spark London - Change
17th March at Canal Café Theatre, 14h, attending Storytelling Workshop by Joanna Yates
31th March Conclusions of the 1st personal Storytelling Workshop created by me
29 February Lewisham, Speech by Management nr 1
11 April at Purley, Apprise with prise, nr 2
17 April at Purley Speakers Toastmasters, History of Home Computers (and me)
16 May, Lewisham Speakers, "Change"
23 May, Lewisham Speakers last year story
29 May, Meridiam Speakers, Greenwich, Of Storytelling
12  June Meridiam Speakers, Storytelling "President in Training"
30 June 2012 Soho Stories, Foyles Charing Chross with Spark & National Fund
4 August, Family, Edinburgh, Spark London, & Grant's True tales
5 August, Home, Edinburgh, Spark London, & Grant's True tales
6 August Desire, Edinburgh, Spark London & Grant's True tales
7 August Unsuspecting  Edinburgh, Spark London, Humorous & Grant's True tales
8 August Culture Shock, Edinburgh, Spark London, Humorous & Grant's True tales
15 August TM speach about Storytelling at Citi Criers, London
27 August Comedy discovery, Stag's Head, London Huxley, humorous tale
12 September, Humorous Speech in The Finsbury "Unexpected"
14 September, Funny Fitzrovia, Foley str W1W 6DN (Comic Story short version of Unexpected)
3 October, Canal Cafe Theatre, true tale (Spark London)
2 January 2013, Humorous Competent Communication, Educational (Lewisham TM)
4 February 2013, friends not strangers, at Lewisham Speakers
2 March 2013, when the war caught up with me, Jewish book week
4 March Roadblock, at Canal Cafee Theatre, with Spark London and Toastmasters clubs
23 March, Keynote in Scotland at Age Concern festival
3 April : rapport on the area storytelling workshop, Lewisham speakers
Hosting: Area Council and Contest, London 59th held in Lewisham
17 "three naked women" tragic true tale - at Standup Tragedy
29 May 2013: The three naked women, at Lewisham Speakers TM club
26 June at Tall Tales at Lewisham Speakers, the kid who took over
7 June TM Division meeting at Royal Festival Hall (AG rapport)
23 June, The red coat, true inspirational story, Northern Trust TM
July, Goldsmith college, International documentary Irene Fernandez Juliz standsup 
12 July - 14 July Las Vegas workshop: The Message of me & Humour
31 July Area Officers Training: Delegate
7 August, Keynote on storytelling, 20' Lewisham Speakers
13 August, "Secrets of comedy, my journey"20' at Meridian Speakers
19 August, "Holliday disaster", Brixton, upstairs at Ritzy, Spark
2nd September, Canal Café Theatre, Fish out of water. Spark.
14 October, Experience French TM, Je ne m'en souviens pas
20 II 2014 Workshop at CITI Corp's at "CITI criers club" From a Good to a Great speech.
20 III Experience French, my father's red coat
21 March Meridian Speakers, Mistaken identity rehearsal
22 March Pro audience great audience
22 March evening Bromley, Bank America "tell stories"
12th April Organising Celebrate Diversity International, Div.B, London
Stories told online also to Netizens and then Firebirds Club members
In 2015 Comedy Workshop in Tallinn to Toastmasters champions from 8 Nordic countries...