3 May, end level 1 Pathways: Research

---- originally published April 2017 ----
Both Svetlana and Graham also members of witty Storytellers (not yet existed then) ----

Pathways is Toastmasters latest, future Education program, actually in Pilot phase
It has 5 levels in each of its 10 path, but the first two are almost identical
This speech was given after I studied the last project of level 1 : "Research"
My research combined Pathways program and Transitions. We are in a transition period from the old eduction program, most of us use still, and the new one, used by some from the two Pilot districts.

I am now also in a club, from one of them.


Mistaken Identity 'The possibilities are endless' video by Spark London

Here is the Mistaken identity tale filmed from a lateral point of view by Spark London when I performed.

in the iframe so - even an ipad could see it.

AND somehow it is different when one listen to it,
I think we could learn from each kind when we relisten or relook
- and not only the evident English mistakes I made during the telling -

My body language, facial expression and even voice variety got better
but I have still far to go! And I do not rush out (most of the time) after a performance.

I am most pleased that this serious message got well across and so much laugher too: it did decide me to learn about "how to make laugh with intention" not only by chance. At 2'7 the audience begun to laugh when I stripped, took out my tee-shirt, and they never stopped.

Sound track of the story I told at Canal Café Theatre


True Tales - Julie Kertesz, Manchester Town Hall

More audience, lots of energy, easier and not more difficult to perform,
to tell my true tale of when I was 10 years old and the war caught up with me.

There were almost 500 in the huge town hall in Manchester that day.
I had some difficulty to find a "good ending", a satisfying ending to a sad tale.
Of course, "I am here to tell the tale" was already great, but I found a more touching end.

One can tell the same tale so many ways! There are all "true" but how you tell the story counts.