celebration Trafalgar Square

I did not understand at the begining, how come so many went out : they will miss the Wedding images.
Of course, I forgot how many have Iphones, Ipads etc and can follow teli through it, also the huge screens that transmitted the images.

It was a wonderful feeling to be there even only for an hour or so between all that different people celebrating joyfully.


Video of project 5 Speaking to Entretain

Where did I put my feet by julie70
Delivered at Meridian Speakers Toastmasters meeting, that is my last project for my Advanced Communication Silver Award - the invented audience was an After Diner for Celebrating the Competent Communicator manual... and I tell here my trajectory and how one thing lead to the other,

what is the point? if there is one, other then to entretain, is to make remember the difference of audience and how one has to adapt to them


Target at Citicriers Toastmaster club

Tribulations of a Stand Up by julie70
Thanks Sony for having taken this with my flip camera!

So I can see what I did well and what I could have done (a lot) better, the tale of my last StandUp comedy class - or at least part of it.

And here is "Two years ago I died" only recored sound.


Stand up and deliver

Logan wrote a book about Stand Up comedy, that was the fist in this genre I read and liked. His class are fast filled, but I registered in time.

Tonight, information evening, also not as I hoped with all of us participating, but in May, the intensive class begins.  Logan and some of his friends, and pupils will be at AmuseMouseCamden.

I am sure, I will learn again, something new from it.

And in June, two days of Impro class.

I feel, I will arrive to July, prepared to host my club meetings, of course, if I am elected.


Speech and its evaluations

Snowball effect - speech Julie at Croydon Communiccators contest

Evaluated by Vathany

Eval by M

Eval by Hanna

Others evaluation : Assomption / Reality


Paula, the mother of my grandmother

As prepared for Canal Cafe Theatre at the Spark London "Family" theme evening. When told, I did repeat her message after all three of her tales.


Stage presence and movements from Dalida

We can learn a lot from singers about stage presence and movements, and of course, voice variety

Here Dalida, Besame mucho