Created for publicity through three days of filming, four minutes and half result in this. Copyright VICE

A film made with my activities

The company thought that I am good example of "active senior" and even paid me to allow to be filmed for three days. A scene opening my curtain, another with an egg boiling, then me cutting it for breakfast as sipping coffee while opening my laptop.

Then out in the nearby alley for a walk: it was a great day but I was very tired by the time the finally very short scene was finished turning. We also went to a "car boot sale" outside London where I could take photos of people met. I did also buy there myself for a pound a nice porcelain with a kid "reading" images with her finger. 

They also interviewed me but very little from what I said remained in the video, but I hope, I will get the rest so I could use them later. And as evening, we went to a Standup Comedy place, reputed good, and I got a good reception from the audience, even as I did not get to begin as usual. 

What impressed me most was the professionalism of the filming crew. One only for the sound. Two for video. One to direct and interrogate, another to arrange and prepare all what was needed. Wow! Three days almost with all of them, and me, and all for a four minute result. I begun to understand now why films cost so much. But also appreciate all the work that goes into taking every minute.  


It's already December

Original recorded in Spanish - translated to English Singing together, can also celebrate the differences and friendship In this, a Bishop and a Rabbi singing together Christmas and Hannukah begin at the same time this year Havana Ghila (welcome) and Silent night


In 4 languages I speak

English, French, Romanian and Hungarian, in the inverse order I learned them. Only 2 min in all.