Are you prepared? by David Thomson

Be Prepared by David Thomson
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David Thomson had only 7 minutes to prepare, and 4 strange words from the audience to add to his speech - what a speech! Funny, interesting and inspiring, too.

His movements, with tiny then bigger and bigger umbrella were magnificent, you will have to imagine only what does remain in my mind's eye. But the voice melody and variety let you imagine - for yourself.

Be prepared!

Practice and practice again!

Then, you can use bigger and bigger umbrellas and speak to bigger and bigger audience.

I did feel as if he spoke about me, but many of us did.

As the Box.net told my bendwith was full - if I do not upgrade - I put it on Dailymotion, as video. There is a very short advertisment added at the beginning, it goes away fast

David Thomson is not only a very Competent Toastmaster or Speaker, but also the President of Speakers Bank in London, and the Meridian Speakers Mentor. He is also the one who gave me my first tiny umbrella in my hands, inviting me 18 month ago to give my first Toastmaster speech at the Croydon Contest.


About Table Topics by Martin Heaney

delivered the 30 June at Meridian Speakers Toastmaster club special meeting

For me this is not only a useful and funny speach but also an example how it should be done
And I still remember how shy he was at his first Table Topics, and how greatly he delivered the one prepared in advance!

Yes! You can prepare in advance to Table Topics!