Public Speaking Olympiad

Yesterday, at the pub The George, across the Royal Court of Justice on Strand, four Speakers club, each with three representatives, competed and spoke in four different styles to show their maestia in public speaking.

The Society of Cogers, the Association of Speakers Clubs, the Speakersbank trainers and Toastmasters International.

I heard about it in theLondonSpeaker blog, and I am so happy I went - I learned so much!

The Chairman was Gwyn Redgers from the College of Public Speaking, the Chief Judge our own David Thompson, who helped me with my Ice breaker a year ago, he is now also chairman of the Speakers Trust, and has been Toastmaster now for 15 years.

Round 1 : Debating, for and against controversial topics
Round 2 : Topics - the same unknown topic given to all
Round 3 : Youth style - an introducer, a speaker, one thanking
Round 4 : Cogers style, about the last weeks news

I could hardly believe that David Jones, from TMs has been stuttering during his childhood and youth, he become such a great speaker! I think, that partially because of his great discourse about overcoming the difficulty in its life, but also the debating power of Paul and the charming authenticity of Laura, the Toastmasters team won this time.

Also, in fact, all won by having partiticpated and amused us, surprised us, delighted us. Shown their maestria. Many many great ideas for future club meetings!


Steve Jobs, still lives and unveils the I-PAD and in 2004 he did not yet know how long he will last, when he gave this speech with three stories of what adversity brought him, finally.


Speaking to Inform . the importance of storytelling

The difference between facts and story and about finding the Most Important Thing in a story for us, each time

Aout Storytelling.mp3

That was delivered at the Toastmaster club in London called Polish your Polish, between others it is also about Dare to Knock and Ask and how I met my Polish friend.


Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on TED.com

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! | Video on TED.com

You can go of course to Ted.com to listen to speeches and choose the one you want to listen, but this one you can listen here too, "in direct" and yes, then to take the speech from Ted and embed it, SPREAD IT else were too.

Yesterday, I learned a lot from the Labor leader's speech, in the Parliement, she begun by telling nice and personal things about the Conservative and Liberal leader's and thanking, making a good personal contact, then only put on her critical points - and also told, what I did appreciate a lot : we will go point by point and not oppose systematically. It was a great example of nice and effective speech for the begining.

Unlike the parliement's conservative leader's whom I did not like: it is untastful in my opinion to kick a fallen dog.


A Ted.om talk about simplicity

Also with video slides - I feel a good example of how to,,, give a presentations and even use bullet points of Power Point - without that getting on the way of the speech. Also, I thought those simple objects were powerful at the beginning.

And indeed the Google search seems simple too and it is based on so many levels of complexity or simplicity!


I was 10 when the war caught up with me

I was ten years old and lived in Hungary in the spring 1944

This is the version recorded by Spark organizer of the Home personal stories event at the Canal Cafe Theatre, and then they asked me and I repeated it in a Soho restaurant.

as performed at the Canal Cafe Theatre ( I repeated it later in the Chocolat Restaurant of Soho) both in London.