The message of you, twitter: #TMOY

How rich were the three days of Judy Carter "the message of you" conference.

Titled after her last book: how to create a keynote, the conference was more of a workshop, involving us the maximum possible. With more then 80 participants, plus ten or so speakers of different professions around the business, and at least ten helping in different aspects, from twittering, taking videos from two angles, shooting photos, taking and videoing short interview of what we learned from the conference, the MC who introduced the pitchers at noon lunch, the warm welcome at the entrance table, so many have been there and contributed!

After my to conferences at which I participated in October I can appreciate even more the absolute professionalism of Judy Carter's three days in Los Angeles.

What work and energy!

She gave so much of herself, her knowledge and all what she believes goes into the discovering, making and marketing a successful one hour keynote. At the same time, she succeeded to bring many very diverse professionals, giving their knowledge from inside the business.

A great actor Tim Bagley, helped the first day to 'find our message' and told a story in wonderful way at the end of day, too. We were all tired by almost 10 pm, but listened and will remember his hilarious and very serious story.

I did not find my message, that day, was more confused then uplifted. It took time, to decide. Because we were asked to think of our lowest moment in life. I did and that moment was not where I have a message to tell to others. As it took me seven more years in fact to come out of it.

My message is what I live now. The creative activity, even more so at old age.

Never too late.

That does apply also to any age in fact and has many ways and variations. After speaking to someone who after one unhappy try gave up on men and love, I decided to make a speech, story, also on : there is always an yet another chance. And that it is worth loving, even if it does not last a whole life. So much to tell about this! not only 'sex' but giving all heart in it, as I told myself also when I met F. 'If only for four month' it is worth. That one lasted years. But I even do not regret when I was fooled, I did love. When one loves one is so happy!
We have "seen" each other
The interaction with all the other very interesting participants was another big plus. We had enough time to know each other, to speak and discover. Interact.
Candid is often even better
Can not tell now, another time, all we learned, experiences, many great moments. Some disturbing. As I do not like to be told: that is the way. As I am convinced, there are many ways.

Eureka moment for me was when Judy insisted again and again to SEE and appreciate other people. Tell them you appreciate them, make them SEEN. And suddenly, I realised: that is what I have done this last ten years: showed my appreciation with my camera to thousands of people. Telling them something I appreciated. Making them feel SEEN. Perhaps 5000 till now and growing...
Violonist near Sacre Coeur (4)
And my pictures are SEEN too, and the people I take with them. Last week, one day only 10000 came to see my photos, now it dropped back to 'only 7000'.
Joy of life 4
I remember the worker at the building how proud he posed, and the driver of camion, and the vegetable seller, the butcher, and the mother with a kid. So many with whom I exchanged a few words. Yes, I needed the contact too.
Market Argenteuil Val N.Dame-06
But each time I showed or even told my appreciation and left them with the impression they were SEEN.
Photos copyright 2007 Julie Kertesz
More, next time.


Storytelling: london Los Angeles

I could tell, the trip from London to LA is 11 and half hours, or round it to 12h. That is all.

Perhaps, add that I walked to the bus happy it was no more raining and that I took a warm jersey and a scarf around my neck, as I was not totally recovered from cold.

Without umbrella, taking chance it will not rain, as the web app predicted.

The bus came fast, the tube in jubilee line in 3' as usual. Then I had to change at green park. I did not find the elevator, a lift, but twice, a different young man seeing me hesitate descending, then ascending the stairs with my bag, helped me. The Picadilly line leading to Heathrough terminal takes long, but in fact only 15' longer then the fast train from Paddington that is first proposed, but you have to pay, even if, like me, you have a free pass. So I walk up earlier and before 6 in the morning was on my way.

I did not know, on the same underground wagon was one of the young flight attendants, but he did remember me.

I arrived at 8 am at the terminal 1: interminable corridors, as at green park, but my luggage had weals. And was not heavy.

Let us backpedal now, and flesh it out.

Add more jeopardy.

I was preoccupied till Saturday midnight? with the toastmasters division b (Brillant !) workshops and meeting and attendance, it went well but Sunday I was exhausted! Monday, I could not breath of a cold I caught. Thusday, it was worse. Suddenly, Wednesday I realised: I did nothing to prepare for my departure.

When I leave next day, from where? Which airline? I found some notes in my calendar made a month ago as I found a cheep flight online through cheapofight. Lufthansa? United? 10:30 or 11:30? I have to book in!

Did not succeed online, so I called. "You should print your ticket and boarding pass"

My printer does not work. "Go outside, print it somewhere." But I have it on my iPad. After a long waiting, finally she told me "that should be ok"

Then I got an email: I was booked in, the place decided. So, yes, at least I can show it. But I realised, Lufthansa declared: you can have only one baggage with you, less then 7 kg! Narrow, small. If bigger, 100 pounds fine. If heavier, 200 pounds fine. Ouch! Almost more then the whole trip!

I hesitated, all my luggages are heavy in themselves. I took the minimum amount of clothing, no second shoe, and did not take the book, relatively heavy that I wanted to show.

70 things to do when you are 70, remained home. I still worried about the luggage's size and weigh. Till last minute. Should I buy a small, light one? It was on sale for 150 pounds. Well, if worst comes...

It did not.

With my passport, they found the ticket, I got a boarding pass, my bag was just 7 kg and the company not Lufthansa but United, with a great service. And, hurrah! Older and heavier flight attendants! The only young was the one who remembered me from the tube!

Two hours waiting for the flight, no luck with the seat. It was as I asked for, but no place to lean down like last time.

I was in!

Should I have renewed my US waiver? Eta something they call it now. Should I have taken the paper my son printed for me in July with me? What if they do not let me in?

After 12 long hours, no good film, a good book, I arrived: the visa was embedded in my passport chip.


We have all a story to tell, so tell yours

Slide by Freddie Danniels
Yesterday, no 77th gig.

I set near someone who had a cold and passed it to me. I can barely breath. When you are with many people, as we where at the Division B meeting Saturday, 150 or more, that could happen.

Probably for the best, and I will be well soon.

At the moment, home, I have to take time and think. Again. Take a pause. Reflect. What I want to do next year? What road, what path to choose between those possible?

I will finish my 77th gig, and do slowly some more, such a fun! but that is not my main aim for sure. I does give a message, in some ways too and I learn from it each time.

Too old for becoming a great keynote speaker, even if I can do it from time to time. And getting a "lot of money" from it would not be worth all the effort it takes to market it.

What remains, I found out with my Speech Buddy yesterday is creating, offering, doing workshops.

I love teaching! Always did. Am good at it.

From childhood, and school, when I taught Algebra to classmates who needed it, then Chemical Analysis to young girls in the laboratory I was chief, to the Washington's American University, half lifetime ago when I did teach also Analytical Chemistry, this time to the Students of year 3.

That time, encouraged by Toastmasters I joined, and books I read, I went to the Chemistry Chair asking "I love teaching, but how can I know if I am good at teaching?" And she answered me "We just have a position for replacing a professor who got a baby, try it."

After the semester, she told me: "Julie, you are great teacher. You will be able to teach anything to anyone!"

She (the university) did not pay me a lot, but this words were the best reward I could get.

Later, I did teach, computer programming at beginner level, even if I just learned it, I did teach different use of programs on Macintosh, one by one or in groups.

I loved it. They loved it. And they loved me: their faces would light as they met me at the technical university court yard. We connected. Just before my 60th birthday, I did empower many working at that university. Meanwhile, continuing to coach also one by one.

Yes, I love teaching, in many ways.

Arriving in London, I learned a lot then begun to give it back, organising storytelling workshops over six month, empowering many to go up and tell their stories even on stage. Enjoying the confidence that gave them.

A workshop is less paid (or not at all sometimes) then a keynote, so what? It does give me a lot of joy. It does empower others to do new things or old things better.

I love to learn and experiment, love the contact with others, and yes, also enjoy a lot to teach.

How can I pitch this in 2 minutes?


My 77th gig

Monday 21 Oct 8pm
with MC Geoff Alderman

A very special Comedy Night at the Rhythm Factory MONDAY. FREE ENTRY Come and watch!!!! 
18 Whitechapel Road London Borough of Tower Hamlets E1 1EW

For me, for sure it will be special as it is my 77th gig... and it will be a pleasure to be again with Sonia, with whom I learned and then gigged at our beginnings. She is not often MC. Perhaps, soon or sometimes they will call me "headliner", meaning presenting longer set.
Sy Thomas 
Rick Keisewetter
Tim Rivett
Gary Souvs
Jack QZ
Max Flemming
Sonia Aste
Julie Kertesz


Saturday 19 October, Division B Workshops & Contests WC2B 5AZ

9:30 Welcome, presentation, "If Ralph were here today, what would he say?"
Ralph Smedley, did create the first "toastmasters" club in 1905 and with his perseverance 
and experience founded Toastmasters International.

Keynote Presentations

 The Power of Television,  Dr Robin Walker, London TV
 How I Became a TV Presenter, Suzanne Parker
Workshops 1st, Attendees then could choose one of the following workshops:

Beginning Jpeg

With Body and Voice, Andrew Bennett 

An interactive workshop to help you explore your vocal potential and body language.

At the Service of your Audience, Chris Howell 
How do you get a connection and maintain it?

Break then all again together:

Connect through True Stories, Joanna Yates
Identify how you can tell your stories in a way that connect and sticks with your audience.

7 Insights into Winning International Speeches, Freddie Daniells
What does it take to get to the world finals of the International Speech contest, and win?

Afternoon, the Humorous speech contest then the Table Topics Contest begins.


We all won, organising, assisting Darren's workshop.

DSC_1260 by rbransco
Organising a workshop, what a work! But also what a wonderful experience it gives.

From time to time, I asked myself "why did I got into it?" as I am sure, Ajit, the president of the Citi Criers Toastmasters club did too.

And Freddie Daniels, and probably even our main star, Darren, must have asked at same time the same question "Why?"

Darren Lacroix, Winner of 2001 International Speech Contest, did whole two hours for the 120 present Toastmasters and those guests from the Citi Corps building, whom we hope also learned from it and will think seriously of becoming also Toastmasters. We did work in the shadow mainly.

How much planning is involved, how many questions to answer and resolve.

Where it will take place? What will be the main subject? Who will come? Who will organise it? How to invite all who could learn from it? Those are only some of the many questions that come one after the other. Till the end, Jacqueline Purcell, our Toastmasters Division B (Brilliant!) Governor, whom I am this year the Assistant for Education and Training, counselled us and helped a lot also. And gave me back my courage when needed.

I learned a lot through the experience also on group effort and team work, what a wonderful laboratory of practical learning skills Toastmasters is - when you begin to use it and pitch in. As you help something happening, you profit yourself a lot too.

Learning, by doing. Learning by organising. Learning by speaking.

And meeting wonderful people, knowing better each other, finding ways to obtain what needed so many could learn from a new Educational Event.

Now, that it is over and well, I can say, I have the answer to "why I did put so much time and energy in it" (and of course, not only me): I go a lot from it, learned and next time could apply it and do it with even more courage. And had great contacts too, with those I already knew and some I just met. We all did grow from it.

One immediate feedback from yesterday contest winner, Steve: "I put in my speech tonight already one tip learned from Darren". Someone listening in, told him "you should not change your speech last minute". Well, it takes time, we experiment, we grew better. And after all, he did win, yesterday!

We cannot win all contests, but we can win experience that does count a lot and satisfaction of well done job and great team experience too.


Show, Don't Tell

To speak and make it stick, one has to tell a story. A personal story revealing from oneself, telling of our problems and how we have overcome them.


No. Showing.

Bringing as much the reader, the listener, the audience into the scenes we want to make alive as if it was happening, in our stories.

Noble describes in this book, one by one the differences between tell and show giving tools, tips and great examples.

His examples are for writing, but I found they apply also to telling. When we tell a story live it is even more easy to "show" play a dialog for example then when writing it. The same with comedy or storytelling too.


One automn leave, so many visits!

Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital to have my dressing changed. "Why did you not change it for a whole week?" I was told not to do it home, last time. Both, let me frustrated.

Happy, I took my small camera with me, and at the entrance of the Hospital Yard took some pictures I really like. Fall, from far and from near. Once I uploaded them to Flickr, I could not stop myself, looking again "how many have looked yesterday at my pictures?"

Good surprise, that made my day even more, but it is still a mystery to me. I do see my live audience, even know many following my blogs, but who can be and from where, coming to see: more then nine thousand in a single day?
Should I believe in this?

5000 - 9000 in a single day? 5 million "views" in the last 9 years ?

I do know, they come from all over the world, and that pictures are more international and speak to different cultures. You do not have to speak a language to be touched or interested in a picture.


Thank you Darren LaCroix for visiting London Olympians (From London Speakers Blog)

October 06, 2013

Thank you Darren LaCroix for visiting London Olympians

From Julie Kertesz, DTM

Darren LaCroix with Katja van Koten
Darren LaCroix with Katja van Koten, 
Pres.London Olympians
A warm welcome was given to to 2001 International Speech Champion Darren LaCroix at London Olympians Thursday meeting, 3 October 2013.

Not only did Darren give us a great 20 minute speech he also gave feedback to the three speakers before him, from which we all could learn. He also answered a Table Topic question! It was a great Toastmasters club meeting with fun and learning.

Tuesday 8 October, Darren LaCroix, will be back in London again, this time with a two hour workshop organised by Division B with Citi Criers Toastmasters Club. Start 6:15, at Canary Wharf's Citi Corporation building (Jubilee line).

"Speak outside of Toastmasters for fun, profit and club building."

You can register at http://meetdarren.eventbrite.co.uk/


75th gig : Huge success !

An evening like tonight makes me remember why I like Standup Comedy, and why I performed already at 75 gigs (and next week going to an 76th with Hacklers encouraged, near the Liverpool station.)

Black Bird Comedy, was tonight in New Cross, SE14 5LW, at the Telegraph pub.

What a wonderful audience, MC and comedians! They did laugh strong and long during each of my gags, 10 minutes of laughter and "I loved you!" "You were so funny!" "you were so great and funny" at the pause. I got the response I expected every time, tonight. What a pleasure!