Saturday 19 October, Division B Workshops & Contests WC2B 5AZ

9:30 Welcome, presentation, "If Ralph were here today, what would he say?"
Ralph Smedley, did create the first "toastmasters" club in 1905 and with his perseverance 
and experience founded Toastmasters International.

Keynote Presentations

 The Power of Television,  Dr Robin Walker, London TV
 How I Became a TV Presenter, Suzanne Parker
Workshops 1st, Attendees then could choose one of the following workshops:

Beginning Jpeg

With Body and Voice, Andrew Bennett 

An interactive workshop to help you explore your vocal potential and body language.

At the Service of your Audience, Chris Howell 
How do you get a connection and maintain it?

Break then all again together:

Connect through True Stories, Joanna Yates
Identify how you can tell your stories in a way that connect and sticks with your audience.

7 Insights into Winning International Speeches, Freddie Daniells
What does it take to get to the world finals of the International Speech contest, and win?

Afternoon, the Humorous speech contest then the Table Topics Contest begins.

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