Storytelling: london Los Angeles

I could tell, the trip from London to LA is 11 and half hours, or round it to 12h. That is all.

Perhaps, add that I walked to the bus happy it was no more raining and that I took a warm jersey and a scarf around my neck, as I was not totally recovered from cold.

Without umbrella, taking chance it will not rain, as the web app predicted.

The bus came fast, the tube in jubilee line in 3' as usual. Then I had to change at green park. I did not find the elevator, a lift, but twice, a different young man seeing me hesitate descending, then ascending the stairs with my bag, helped me. The Picadilly line leading to Heathrough terminal takes long, but in fact only 15' longer then the fast train from Paddington that is first proposed, but you have to pay, even if, like me, you have a free pass. So I walk up earlier and before 6 in the morning was on my way.

I did not know, on the same underground wagon was one of the young flight attendants, but he did remember me.

I arrived at 8 am at the terminal 1: interminable corridors, as at green park, but my luggage had weals. And was not heavy.

Let us backpedal now, and flesh it out.

Add more jeopardy.

I was preoccupied till Saturday midnight? with the toastmasters division b (Brillant !) workshops and meeting and attendance, it went well but Sunday I was exhausted! Monday, I could not breath of a cold I caught. Thusday, it was worse. Suddenly, Wednesday I realised: I did nothing to prepare for my departure.

When I leave next day, from where? Which airline? I found some notes in my calendar made a month ago as I found a cheep flight online through cheapofight. Lufthansa? United? 10:30 or 11:30? I have to book in!

Did not succeed online, so I called. "You should print your ticket and boarding pass"

My printer does not work. "Go outside, print it somewhere." But I have it on my iPad. After a long waiting, finally she told me "that should be ok"

Then I got an email: I was booked in, the place decided. So, yes, at least I can show it. But I realised, Lufthansa declared: you can have only one baggage with you, less then 7 kg! Narrow, small. If bigger, 100 pounds fine. If heavier, 200 pounds fine. Ouch! Almost more then the whole trip!

I hesitated, all my luggages are heavy in themselves. I took the minimum amount of clothing, no second shoe, and did not take the book, relatively heavy that I wanted to show.

70 things to do when you are 70, remained home. I still worried about the luggage's size and weigh. Till last minute. Should I buy a small, light one? It was on sale for 150 pounds. Well, if worst comes...

It did not.

With my passport, they found the ticket, I got a boarding pass, my bag was just 7 kg and the company not Lufthansa but United, with a great service. And, hurrah! Older and heavier flight attendants! The only young was the one who remembered me from the tube!

Two hours waiting for the flight, no luck with the seat. It was as I asked for, but no place to lean down like last time.

I was in!

Should I have renewed my US waiver? Eta something they call it now. Should I have taken the paper my son printed for me in July with me? What if they do not let me in?

After 12 long hours, no good film, a good book, I arrived: the visa was embedded in my passport chip.

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