Three Fundamental books for Personal Story Telling or any speech in public

The Power of Personal Storytelling, Jack Maguire

  • Why tell personal stories.
  • How to find those stories.
  • What does it mean "creating a story from an experience" (not telling all or exactly).
  • How it is better to "embed" then memorise.

Improving your storytelling, Doug Lipman

Passing what is in our mind to the diverse audience: how it works.
Discussion of the rapport of the triangle The Story, The Audience and You.
Taking out all what is not useful for the Most Important Thing (that time, for that audience).

Wired for story (not for beginners this one)

A discussion on why we do expect, as readers or audience and what when we hear a story.
High expectations, but very profoundly explained, for each part that makes a great story, written or told or in any other form.

After the study of these three books, there are many more, if you like to study. If you work and want to use in Business environment also. For example "The one who tells the best story wins" or the "Story Factory" and I liked and learned also from : "Acting methods in storytelling".

And of course, all we learn at Toastmasters in the Competent Communicator manual's ten projects about speaking in public. And then from each Advanced manual, even if most projects in it are short and could necessity more reading from other sources. That is how we learn, try out and progress.


Singer/composer Minouche Kaftel at Julia Cameron Workshop

A whole day of real workshop with Julia Cameron who wrote the huge bestseller The Artists Way.

One more day follows today.

Minouche Kathel was my neighbour yesterday.

"I am not as beautiful as in my card" she told me, in fact I think in this picture, looking to me with warmth she is even more beautiful.

I am sure she can brighten up any festivity.

Julia Cameron begun with a story of hardship, the snow coming menacing her coming from US to UK. Of course, the story finished well as she is with us for two days.

She is a great storyteller and throughout the day told us stories, all personal stories from her life with doubts and problems and - most of them if not all finishing well and from all we could learn something she wanted us to remember.

Making the point with the stories told almost like an afterthought very simply - she did it through out the day with maestria.

Now, it will be up to me Thursday at Citi Criers with many from other Toastmasters Clubs attending (guest welcome but have to register even if the event is free) to do a good job.

Already, in the first day, we learned - do small steps and it can be the beginning of big changes.


Ethos, Logos, Pathos (+playlist)

Magnific short humoristic about Greek philisophy of Persuading.

One can show them in different ways. Here is another one to ponder.

a little to fast, this video with drawings and arguments for the points explained can be used also for public speaking - but we have to think and analyse one by one all the points



Smile of AthenianPiraeus MondayPiraeus Monday, pharmacianPiraeus Monday, from cafe shopTogether, no more 'stranger' after this smileOld Greek at Monastersky
father dautheracross the stationFrom SiriaSandal poetfour legsInside café

Athenians, a set on Flickr.

When one goes out one really SEE other people, I met and spoke with so many yesterday. In this set are only 26 of them but there were more in Piraeus and Athens I have spoken already.


Y.M.C.A by aminefassi from Flickr

If i could take only one picture as this, in m'y whole week in Greece - or whole year, I would be happy. It does speak, it does tell not one but many stories.

taken in marachech by amine fassi