Next One Show BBC live

Wednesday 1st November two Presenters from BBC1 ONE show will interview me, between others having begin late something, late on their life. But so many take part to make every show. I hope, I will be able to take some photos of those too.

The One Show, BBC1 begins at 7pm live!

They asked me to give a few seconds video of my show. I begun looking at stand ups.
Some have great feedback, lot of laughter but bad light - and my English terrible here and there.
Others have good light, but how to avoid the use of those two 4 letter words that delight the comedy clubs audience?

I think I will take parts of Mistaken Identity, story told with Spark London live at Canal Cafee Theatre. (See bellow) I used in it a technique learned looking at Arnoldo in Humorous Speech Contest, at CITI criers toastmasters club in Canary Wharf. From then on, there was so much laughter!

It was a turning point in my life.

Another storyteller told me after that show "you are a natural" and gave me the card of the standup workshop, which was, at 77 the first step to discover my funny bone, to learn what does not work first, then what does.

Tomorrow, 2nd October, I will be listening at another Humorous Toastmasters area contest in Canary Wharf, a whole cycle.

I am looking forward to be interviewed but, yes, at the same time I begun to be anxious.

"Look at it as a fun experience" I try to convince myself for the moment not so easy.

But once I am there I will be in the moment. And I am after all in love with the audience. If there are none  I could imagine them or take all working for the show as audience.


Some pictures convey strong messages

Between hundred thousand photographs I have taken 
and many thousands looking each day to them
there are some I prefer:

they convey by themselves powerful messages.

This three, taken in Paris, London, Marrakech 
are between them.

you do not have to add text to them - they speak.


Tim Minchin, Standup Comedian, Musican comedy writer, his speech: wonderful!

When you learned all the rules and got great on them, then you can go against many of them and give a great speech!

For example, have a paper you use or give 9 points - all important! not only three or one.
I enjoyed a lot his commencement speech and will listen look at it again.
He does live now in London.