Second Stand Up & Deliver

Delivered at Covent Garden Amused Mouse; at Walkabout Downunder the 30 May; by Julie, at age 77 This is from the soundtrack of my second standup comedy, this year - and ever, I hope other standups will follow.


Humor and Roasts

Regan roast Frank Sinatra
he could be president, but is it worth it if he has to give up being a king

and humor from Obama at press conferences


I did it my way

Those are the words, and I begun with reminding Sinatra and his I did it my way, my two Educational tasks from the Better club series.


It is not how up we are and how low we get, or the difference between our dreams the reality and the worst that can happen too, but the surprise.

In fact, the contrast.

Here, in pictures for exemple, the dark and the light.

Those are pictures taken Thursday, inside the Royal Festival Hall.

The same place, different rendering.

Thursday Trafalgar Sq and back_0033
Different mood results.

Does it not?

The same is true with a story or a "joke".

Also it can be also the looking up, vertical then down and the difference the surprise.

Surprise can produce laughter. The unexpected. The suddenly revealed.

I learned yesterday, from Logan Murray, there is a "comedian answer" to all. A different one then usual. Another point of view. Revealing often what is under.

The best, but more often the worst that could happen.


Books about Humour and Stand-Up Comedy

I have by now six or seven books about Comedy and or Stand-up: those three are the ones I could learn the most.

Of course, so far I only read then once and did not have, yet, time to study and reread again and again.

But I will!

Judy Carter published hers in 1994, she is from Caliifornia, and Logan Murray's book fwas published first two years ago : he also has the Stand-Up and deliver class in London.

I have understand from the Toolbox also a great description of what IS a story!

I will analyse the books one by one another day.

One can learn a lot more from all the books that we think at first.