Two month ago begun my first Path

It seems so far now, but it really was only two month ago. I become member of the Great Communicators club, not far from where I lived once and my daughter still lives. And by this membership, I also become member of the district that is the second pilot for the Toastmasters International new educational program, now called Pathways.

A program more tailored to our needs but still having grows pains.

Had of course problems with its wrinkles, "you wanted to be an early adapter? those are the consequences!" someone wrote me when I complained. True, even if it did hurt when I heard it.

Once I went through, struggled through, finished my Icebreaker, Pathways style, I had to wait. Wait? I could not even read farther till my "Base Camp Manager" approved it!

Are we in elementary school?

Once I was through, I was delighted, and whatever happened on the way, did stay delighted. I love all what I learned in these two month. I love the new education it offered me. I love the new thoughts and opportunities.

I do love the new Pathways program.
If going from Level 1 once I finished all its tasks to Level 2 was again a problem, and also getting the certificate for that level, when I finished the second, I already "knew" and got through to have the certificate all by myself. As a big girl. I am now enjoying Level 3 with so many electives. I have to chose only two of them, I already did, but read through many others too.

I can also see better now how well constructed the path are. Read a few wonderful books. Offered some great stories. And some less great probably, too. Learned on the way.

But for details on that I opened my new blog Pathways Experience.


Pathways: A blog for Pathways? No, about my experience of it...

I opened a new blog! It is Thursday 4th May 2017

I opened first, 2004 a blog about my life, in French, to prove there is life after 70. Did. For ten years, writing day by day, I build an audience about 200. But living in London, slowly I let it go, when you do not publish regular, you loose your audience.

Later, I published RetroBlog, translating all my diaries from age 10 to 70 into it. It is still there, but I stopped, realising I begun to write diary for exterior and not myself. There are two different needs and ways and I need that intimate contact with some other part of me.

Then, from 2010 this blog about my storytelling, then standup comedy, and I added whatever i found interesting about communication. Even a bit, but not much about my Online Club activities.

Today, a new blog is born: about the Toastmasters New Educational Program! About how I experience it, still very personal. Personal stories are my communication style...

Pathways: A blog for Pathways http://pathwaysexperience.blogspot.co.uk?
No, about my experience of it..

I have been Pathways Ambassador for more then a year and went to my designated clubs to tell them: "REP is coming!" Spoke finally more of what was created by Smedlay and what was in CC manual. Very little could I tell yet about the actual new program!

Now, I can. And chose to open a blog about my Pathways Experience.