Many is beautiful, but we remember better specific

Leaves, fallen or not yet
Choosing one of many, also when you tell a story is best. "Most important point" and Specific.

Here are four to chose from.
Which do you remember best?
A leave from the first photo or a leave from the second one?



Carsten Wendt Humorous Speech at Toastmasters D59 Fall Conferenc...

 2013 Budapest we can celebrate and recognise our differences at the same time.
Learn and Laugh in Budapest. It was a speech delivered to naturally!
In the audience, French, Italians, English, German and so on.

We celebrated our differences!
title : "I would be a latin lover"

Workshop Julie "Funny bones", first 20 minutes

introduction by Dianne, Area Director A1 District 91 South UK


Words count

My most used words on Facebook
It seems those are the words I use most often lately in Facebook page, where I write more and more.

It shows I am into "online clubs most of the time and have wonderful toastmasters meetings.
"Funny, witty begin to show up more but Personal and Stories and Storytellers, Storytelling grow bigger.  Life, learned, learn, work and now, more and more important also "team"!

Our online toastmasters club, Witty Storytellers Online, "chartered" (was recognised) with 25 wonderful members, a great team worked for weeks to make it happen. We have funny meetings and tell stories. I did not forget totally my London club either or Firebirds online club, in which I was now for more then a year, week after week. Today, yes that is a word I use also often, I will give a new speech, of course some stories in it about the importance of teams and creativity. Tomorrow, "never too old for dreams come true" at the unveiling of DreamChaser app in London.