A gate opened

Come in! Mme Filipetto, was so welcoming!
A feel this morning, as a gate opened to a wonderful a bit neglected garden.

I got yesterday morning elected "Division Governor" of London Toastmasters division K, one of the three in London.

It is a great opportunity to help more then 750 to grow in an enjoyable environment, in their 20 clubs, serve them through four great Area Governors and with a team around us.

So much to be done!

Just not forget, to go slowly and as needed. New ideas that come to me, have to be discussed, and tried out as those interested think of it. I learned in Toastmasters, in the last six years, to listen. At least, I hope I learned. Discussion always better, and teamwork.

Wonderful team is there in place, or will be from end of June for a year. Even from home, for a while, I can work and do some useful work through them. Just tell some stories, of how I have done and what I learned through it, stories do work. And continue to convince all that it's better to tell using personal stories of mishaps and successes, then any facts.

More get involved in contributing, more feel as being part of this wonderful Toastmasters journey.