"Argenteuil en fête" but not this year

Argenteuil 1 May
Some economies are dumb and bad and really not worth it.

1st may in Argenteuil France near the river Seine where the impressionist painters went to paint and relax near the river was always a great popular event of the town and its surrounding people.

Eating, preparing it, dancing and singing, comedy and photography, meeting and admiring each other's costume, selling painting or painting on place, boating, canoeing, so many activities each year! 

It is difficult to me to believe that this year the Townhall decided "economising" and not offer it. In fact there were mostly the work of so many in it who enjoyed it a lot as much as those who went. This year, I did not know they suspended it but I feel it is really a shame.


Wind, rain, problems

Trees, spring bloom and windWe all like quiet times.

Nothing disturbing our usual life.

I do too.

But with time, I realised, when the wind begins to blow and eventually the rain pours down our neck also, when the problems come on us - and we went them to go fast away...

Those are the best times, the most interesting times, the times about which we can show a picture, tell a tale, make a joke.


Story Telling Workshop, 23 March 2015 In English

Bits from my Personal Storytelling workshop
"Experience French Toastmasters club"
with participation of Toastmasters from many London clubs

Practically all those present spoke and told a "The first time I..." story and very well too, giving each other courage to stand up and tell us their stories. I have given a feedback with small bits of tips added outlining why each was good and what they used from which we can learn. (Tips not recorded)

Thanks a lot to Annelise and Odile for organising the meeting, inviting guests and participants. and for Odile (and his son Patrick too) for taping and editing this video. And all those wonderful storyteller participants of the workshop featured in it.

Another time will add some tips in a note, but I am preparing a book with 12 chapters in it about it.