Powerpoint or a story?

A story we remember!

Advanced Communicator Gold!

I opened this blog, to write different things about Communications, when I finished my first ten projects / speeches in my Toastmasters Club and got the Competent Communicator award,

After two more manuals Storytelling and Speaking to inform, with 5 projects / speeches each, I become Advanced Communicator Bronze. Then followed Entertaining manual and Speciality Speeches, other ten, different speech projects and plus two educational ones, and I was awarded Advanced Communicator Silver. I choose then two more Advanced Toastmasters manuals, Interpretative Reading and well, I have to look it up, plus a Workshop I had to hold which taught me a lot about Workshops, and now, yesterday, I received the Advanced Communicator Gold diploma! The highest in what they call the Communication track at Toastmasters International.

So 45 official speeches - mostly personal stories inside them - and a lot others, as I went as Mystery speaker a few times in different other clubs. I also went to tell my stories, ten or fifteen, to the Theatre, with Spark London and, of course, last year begun also to go to Standup comedy clubs where I am at my 22 or 23th. In all, the last three years, at least 80 times meeting the audience.

Which is normal, as at the first one, it is called Icebreaker in the Toastmasters clubs, I fall in love with the audience and the audience's reaction to my stories (and me telling them). Of course, as with a love affair, you go back for more. It is such a wonderful feeling, this communication with those in the audience!

Wether they are a class of 4 to 5 years old kids in a library of London or adult audience tasting Whisky in the Manchester town hall, or pals in one of my Toastmasters clubs, or unknown paying public at Canal Cafe Theatre, or a young men public in a Soho pub downstairs, I communicate with them and get so much energy back, I come home and can not sleep for hours. A wonderful feeling for which I go back again and again.

A nice printed certificate, a diploma from a heat I won is nice, but the feeling of high I get from the audience is what keeps me going for it again and again.


Who else would make it?

If I would not, who else would make it for me?
Well, here it is, whom. Thanks Tim!

The 20th March 2012 Comedy Car Crash

Another superb Comedy Car Crash. The birth of more than one promising act and
brilliant performance by 77 year old Julie Kertes z. 
Thanks to everybody who performed and watched! 
Love from Tim / by: Lions Den"

 Here is a link to the performance, filmed (as a surprise to me) by Alina.
Video life performance


Last year, I discovered: I had funny eyes

The story of 2011 in my life, told at Canal Café Theatre live. 11 Minutes. Theme "Change".

We appeared 5 from Lewisham Speakers that evening, it was the dare I gave myself a few month before, to create a True Storytelling workshop in my club and to bring the participants up to showcase what they learned to the stage. Five of nine got there, as chosen by Joanna, and the others will soon, too.

I was the one opening the show with this true personal story. Video taken by Flavia from afar with my small photo camera.

This is not a comedy, but the story of how and why I arrived to become Standup, production "Spark London & Julie Kertesz from Lewisham speakers Toastmasters", Joanna Yates wrote on the program. Of course, in fact, as usual, she was the producer.


Rumbo's : the Lion's Den, video by Alina

The Lion's Den in Soho, near Picadilly is in a bar called Rumba. Great compère and mood, they gave me a very warm welcoming. I did not realise that my comedy pal (not the one I spoke about in the set) took a video of it. Even as it is, burned, and not showing my face, I think it is interesting to study. And also to compare how my set evolves slowly and changes slightly each time.

Now, I will have to try to obtain more time, 5 minutes goes so fast away, and I have more to say.


Stories persuade! Listen to Steve Edge

What goes around, comes around, delivered in Lausanne for TedX by Steve Edge

Instead of "preaching" tell stories that prove your point!


Comedy Bin

The Comedy Bin has many venues in London, more then one for each night. Last night I performed to the first one called "The Lion's Den" near Picadilly. It was not easy to find "Rumba" is on the door, other night, very different kind of entertainment. I did arrive in time, and I put my name down. 

'You? You are performing?'

They well intrigued by that old lady, there not just to look but to do a set.

A great compère, is a great asset, he was very good!
The Lion's Den Comedy (3)
A public, where someone laugh strongly and often is too, we had also that, it turned out later, he was also on Logan's class last year. All the audience were warm and supporting even if most of them, but not only, composed by comedians . The comedians were great too.

Yes, and my number went extremely well, one of my three best!
(later I will add here the video, which was taken without me knowing about it)

My next gig is also in a Comedy Bin, but a different one.
28 mars, 20:00 – 22:00
The Alchemist Comedy Bin, very friendly and free comedy
225 St Johns Hill London SW11 1TH (plan)
http://www.thealchemistbar.co.uk www.comedybin.org 
Free entry with MC Aatif Nawaz compère
With: Bobby Freeman Saskia Preston Jason Hayler Ben Morgan Andy Onions Omar Hamdi Chris Gau Adam Richardson Poppy Brewer Peri Whyte Becky Bone Nick Elleray Andrew MacConnell & Julie Kertesz


Canal Café Theatre always warm welcome!

In the pub, but even more at the Theatre above it, one does feel always welcome at the Canal Café Theatre.

Weather you are in the public or on the stage, it is a great place to be.

Every time I went there, first as spectator to a true personal storytelling event by Spark London, organized by Joanna Yates, or later, to tell one of my true stories, I felt warmly welcomed.

After telling our true story, with the theme chosen for that night, 5 to 7 minutes (sometimes a bit longer but not much), I usually "mix" at the pub with the audience and receive important feedbacks.

More important even for me, long time after I told a story, someone comes to me, remembering it, and me telling it.
Richard & Spark with live audience in Theatre
Telling a tale that is remembered, what a joy!


A bouquet of flowers, a story

There was a time in my life, when I was young, unmarried and in love.

One day, a bouquet of flowers arrived!

They were beautiful!

I had three boys, courting me, and did not know for sure, which one had send it to me. I was attracted to one of them, but he was not serious. The second, took me to the theatre, but I did not feel anything towards him. The third....

I hoped, it was from him!

Not even an hour had passed while I admired my room, which had become suddenly different, magic, beautiful because of the huge bouquet of flowers, when another bouquet was brought by a young envoy.

Tulipes Mars012vA second bouquet, even more beautiful!

Who send this ones?

I arranged this too in my room, which now become a garden of flowers almost, magic!

Full of joy, but also with doubts.

Who could have send those bouquets to me?

Why two one after the other? Where they from different boys? Coincidence? Why no note with any of them?

One more hour have passed and the third boy arrived to visit me, with crisp white shirt, bronzed arms and a big smile. Of course, he was the one who send the flowers!

Why two bouquets? I asked him.

Well, I passed in the market and send to you the first one, he answered me, then, I went a bit further and suddenly saw one even more beautiful! So...

Thank you!

I was so impressed! So happy and the flowers lasted long time, changing my room's mood.

I married him.

He continued to bring me flowers. I was happy with each one, every time. We looked at them, and together we admired our two children, with joy.

One day, he passed near another young woman, and found her more beautiful. Without forgetting me, he went with her. And later, he found another, even more interesting and offered me less and less often flowers.

After fifteen years together, we parted and no one offered me flowers any more.

Tulipes Mars010vOne day, I discovered, I can buy flowers for myself!

And my room was beautiful again! I was happy: I did not have to wait for someone buy me beautiful flowers!

I was independent! I could bring joy to myself.

Eventually, other man did too, but I never lost the feeling of not depending on them for my joys in life.

Yesterday, I bought myself these beautiful tulips, and the whole story came back to me, all the feeling of joy came with it.

Mixed with a bit of sorrow, of lost things, too, but only writing it down here, did I understand the significance of the second bouquet I received, so long ago.


Julie77 I recognise

The life goes uphill then, alas, all goes downhill again.

I know, I know, I know.

It is easy to forget and want to continue climbing. Do not give up! That was the message Adam Blum, comedian now for more then 20 years, came to deliver to us a year ago. It is so easy to forget it.

All of us has "downs" or if not at least the feeling of "why I do it?" I need an answer and learn how to get through it. Not to give up, continue, but even more important, enjoy the road, the travelling up and down the hills and the valleys.


Live from Cavendish Arms: I killed.

Live from Cavendish Arms. Tristan, a wonderful compère. Very warm audience. What a night. Waves of waves of laughter! Can I say "I killed" ? in Stand up language it would be "made them laugh". 25 times in 5 and half minutes. But when there is so much laughter and so long, the time flies out of under me and I have to rush too much to finish.


Monday 12th, my 20th gig, and a "heat" in Greenwich

Funny Julie77 in bw - Autoportrait "making faces"We’re looking forward to seeing you for your first round heat on Monday 12th March. It’s going to be a great night as Pro-Comedian Prince Abdi has agreed to pop in to finish the night off with a 10 minute spot for us !!

Your Golden Jester 1st Round heat is confirmed at Belushis Bar in Greenwich (nearest station Greenwich, funny that !) Details about the venue are here for you http://www.belushis.com/bars/london/greenwich

Your stage set should be a maximum of 5 minutes, and you must bring one audience member to perform. It ensures a great atmosphere. The first 13 competition heats have been fabulous for this very reason, with audiences of between 30 to 50 people.

The running order will be drawn out on the night, which starts at 8.15pm prompt. Please arrive by 7.45pm. The night should finish well before 10.30pm.

All audience members will vote, with average scores determining which acts go through to the next round.

Tonight Adam Blum at Hamstead, but this was in Montreal

One cannot say, there is can not be done in a few minutes, here Adam has less then five, tells so much in only four and half!

I can not go tonight, it is too late to see him headline in another end of London, but boy is he good! He makes me smile (at least) or laugh, each time. And that joke of the Montreal bilingual beggar, unforgettable!


Future bookings, Julie Kertesz

Julie Kertesz winner of "Silver Comedy Best Newcomer 2012"

Here are a few bookings for my future gigs to which all of you are invited:

9 March,   T Bird Comedy Bin, N42DX
12 March, Beluchi Bar heat, Greenwich
20 March, Lion's Den, Comedy car crash W1D 7EP
27 March, Touching Cloth, the dead comedian socs,
28 March, Alchemist Bar
9 April,   Parachute Productions, 207 Upper street
25 April, Pear Shaped at Fitzwan Tavern W1T Z2Y
27 April, Hope and Anchor, North London

All are new venues for me, new comedy clubs to test out.

I will return to the Cavendish Arms, where I am invited, and also to the Laughing Horse's different venues, and Jester Jester, Standup & Deliver at Canterbury, after I finished exploring "new horizons".