Canal Café Theatre always warm welcome!

In the pub, but even more at the Theatre above it, one does feel always welcome at the Canal Café Theatre.

Weather you are in the public or on the stage, it is a great place to be.

Every time I went there, first as spectator to a true personal storytelling event by Spark London, organized by Joanna Yates, or later, to tell one of my true stories, I felt warmly welcomed.

After telling our true story, with the theme chosen for that night, 5 to 7 minutes (sometimes a bit longer but not much), I usually "mix" at the pub with the audience and receive important feedbacks.

More important even for me, long time after I told a story, someone comes to me, remembering it, and me telling it.
Richard & Spark with live audience in Theatre
Telling a tale that is remembered, what a joy!

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