Comedy Bin

The Comedy Bin has many venues in London, more then one for each night. Last night I performed to the first one called "The Lion's Den" near Picadilly. It was not easy to find "Rumba" is on the door, other night, very different kind of entertainment. I did arrive in time, and I put my name down. 

'You? You are performing?'

They well intrigued by that old lady, there not just to look but to do a set.

A great compère, is a great asset, he was very good!
The Lion's Den Comedy (3)
A public, where someone laugh strongly and often is too, we had also that, it turned out later, he was also on Logan's class last year. All the audience were warm and supporting even if most of them, but not only, composed by comedians . The comedians were great too.

Yes, and my number went extremely well, one of my three best!
(later I will add here the video, which was taken without me knowing about it)

My next gig is also in a Comedy Bin, but a different one.
28 mars, 20:00 – 22:00
The Alchemist Comedy Bin, very friendly and free comedy
225 St Johns Hill London SW11 1TH (plan)
http://www.thealchemistbar.co.uk www.comedybin.org 
Free entry with MC Aatif Nawaz compère
With: Bobby Freeman Saskia Preston Jason Hayler Ben Morgan Andy Onions Omar Hamdi Chris Gau Adam Richardson Poppy Brewer Peri Whyte Becky Bone Nick Elleray Andrew MacConnell & Julie Kertesz

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