Advanced Communicator Gold!

I opened this blog, to write different things about Communications, when I finished my first ten projects / speeches in my Toastmasters Club and got the Competent Communicator award,

After two more manuals Storytelling and Speaking to inform, with 5 projects / speeches each, I become Advanced Communicator Bronze. Then followed Entertaining manual and Speciality Speeches, other ten, different speech projects and plus two educational ones, and I was awarded Advanced Communicator Silver. I choose then two more Advanced Toastmasters manuals, Interpretative Reading and well, I have to look it up, plus a Workshop I had to hold which taught me a lot about Workshops, and now, yesterday, I received the Advanced Communicator Gold diploma! The highest in what they call the Communication track at Toastmasters International.

So 45 official speeches - mostly personal stories inside them - and a lot others, as I went as Mystery speaker a few times in different other clubs. I also went to tell my stories, ten or fifteen, to the Theatre, with Spark London and, of course, last year begun also to go to Standup comedy clubs where I am at my 22 or 23th. In all, the last three years, at least 80 times meeting the audience.

Which is normal, as at the first one, it is called Icebreaker in the Toastmasters clubs, I fall in love with the audience and the audience's reaction to my stories (and me telling them). Of course, as with a love affair, you go back for more. It is such a wonderful feeling, this communication with those in the audience!

Wether they are a class of 4 to 5 years old kids in a library of London or adult audience tasting Whisky in the Manchester town hall, or pals in one of my Toastmasters clubs, or unknown paying public at Canal Cafe Theatre, or a young men public in a Soho pub downstairs, I communicate with them and get so much energy back, I come home and can not sleep for hours. A wonderful feeling for which I go back again and again.

A nice printed certificate, a diploma from a heat I won is nice, but the feeling of high I get from the audience is what keeps me going for it again and again.

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