Last year, I discovered: I had funny eyes

The story of 2011 in my life, told at Canal Café Theatre live. 11 Minutes. Theme "Change".

We appeared 5 from Lewisham Speakers that evening, it was the dare I gave myself a few month before, to create a True Storytelling workshop in my club and to bring the participants up to showcase what they learned to the stage. Five of nine got there, as chosen by Joanna, and the others will soon, too.

I was the one opening the show with this true personal story. Video taken by Flavia from afar with my small photo camera.

This is not a comedy, but the story of how and why I arrived to become Standup, production "Spark London & Julie Kertesz from Lewisham speakers Toastmasters", Joanna Yates wrote on the program. Of course, in fact, as usual, she was the producer.

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