Pathways: A blog for Pathways? No, about my experience of it...

I opened a new blog! It is Thursday 4th May 2017

I opened first, 2004 a blog about my life, in French, to prove there is life after 70. Did. For ten years, writing day by day, I build an audience about 200. But living in London, slowly I let it go, when you do not publish regular, you loose your audience.

Later, I published RetroBlog, translating all my diaries from age 10 to 70 into it. It is still there, but I stopped, realising I begun to write diary for exterior and not myself. There are two different needs and ways and I need that intimate contact with some other part of me.

Then, from 2010 this blog about my storytelling, then standup comedy, and I added whatever i found interesting about communication. Even a bit, but not much about my Online Club activities.

Today, a new blog is born: about the Toastmasters New Educational Program! About how I experience it, still very personal. Personal stories are my communication style...

Pathways: A blog for Pathways http://pathwaysexperience.blogspot.co.uk?
No, about my experience of it..

I have been Pathways Ambassador for more then a year and went to my designated clubs to tell them: "REP is coming!" Spoke finally more of what was created by Smedlay and what was in CC manual. Very little could I tell yet about the actual new program!

Now, I can. And chose to open a blog about my Pathways Experience.

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