Singer/composer Minouche Kaftel at Julia Cameron Workshop

A whole day of real workshop with Julia Cameron who wrote the huge bestseller The Artists Way.

One more day follows today.

Minouche Kathel was my neighbour yesterday.

"I am not as beautiful as in my card" she told me, in fact I think in this picture, looking to me with warmth she is even more beautiful.

I am sure she can brighten up any festivity.

Julia Cameron begun with a story of hardship, the snow coming menacing her coming from US to UK. Of course, the story finished well as she is with us for two days.

She is a great storyteller and throughout the day told us stories, all personal stories from her life with doubts and problems and - most of them if not all finishing well and from all we could learn something she wanted us to remember.

Making the point with the stories told almost like an afterthought very simply - she did it through out the day with maestria.

Now, it will be up to me Thursday at Citi Criers with many from other Toastmasters Clubs attending (guest welcome but have to register even if the event is free) to do a good job.

Already, in the first day, we learned - do small steps and it can be the beginning of big changes.

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