We all won, organising, assisting Darren's workshop.

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Organising a workshop, what a work! But also what a wonderful experience it gives.

From time to time, I asked myself "why did I got into it?" as I am sure, Ajit, the president of the Citi Criers Toastmasters club did too.

And Freddie Daniels, and probably even our main star, Darren, must have asked at same time the same question "Why?"

Darren Lacroix, Winner of 2001 International Speech Contest, did whole two hours for the 120 present Toastmasters and those guests from the Citi Corps building, whom we hope also learned from it and will think seriously of becoming also Toastmasters. We did work in the shadow mainly.

How much planning is involved, how many questions to answer and resolve.

Where it will take place? What will be the main subject? Who will come? Who will organise it? How to invite all who could learn from it? Those are only some of the many questions that come one after the other. Till the end, Jacqueline Purcell, our Toastmasters Division B (Brilliant!) Governor, whom I am this year the Assistant for Education and Training, counselled us and helped a lot also. And gave me back my courage when needed.

I learned a lot through the experience also on group effort and team work, what a wonderful laboratory of practical learning skills Toastmasters is - when you begin to use it and pitch in. As you help something happening, you profit yourself a lot too.

Learning, by doing. Learning by organising. Learning by speaking.

And meeting wonderful people, knowing better each other, finding ways to obtain what needed so many could learn from a new Educational Event.

Now, that it is over and well, I can say, I have the answer to "why I did put so much time and energy in it" (and of course, not only me): I go a lot from it, learned and next time could apply it and do it with even more courage. And had great contacts too, with those I already knew and some I just met. We all did grow from it.

One immediate feedback from yesterday contest winner, Steve: "I put in my speech tonight already one tip learned from Darren". Someone listening in, told him "you should not change your speech last minute". Well, it takes time, we experiment, we grew better. And after all, he did win, yesterday!

We cannot win all contests, but we can win experience that does count a lot and satisfaction of well done job and great team experience too.

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