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How rich were the three days of Judy Carter "the message of you" conference.

Titled after her last book: how to create a keynote, the conference was more of a workshop, involving us the maximum possible. With more then 80 participants, plus ten or so speakers of different professions around the business, and at least ten helping in different aspects, from twittering, taking videos from two angles, shooting photos, taking and videoing short interview of what we learned from the conference, the MC who introduced the pitchers at noon lunch, the warm welcome at the entrance table, so many have been there and contributed!

After my to conferences at which I participated in October I can appreciate even more the absolute professionalism of Judy Carter's three days in Los Angeles.

What work and energy!

She gave so much of herself, her knowledge and all what she believes goes into the discovering, making and marketing a successful one hour keynote. At the same time, she succeeded to bring many very diverse professionals, giving their knowledge from inside the business.

A great actor Tim Bagley, helped the first day to 'find our message' and told a story in wonderful way at the end of day, too. We were all tired by almost 10 pm, but listened and will remember his hilarious and very serious story.

I did not find my message, that day, was more confused then uplifted. It took time, to decide. Because we were asked to think of our lowest moment in life. I did and that moment was not where I have a message to tell to others. As it took me seven more years in fact to come out of it.

My message is what I live now. The creative activity, even more so at old age.

Never too late.

That does apply also to any age in fact and has many ways and variations. After speaking to someone who after one unhappy try gave up on men and love, I decided to make a speech, story, also on : there is always an yet another chance. And that it is worth loving, even if it does not last a whole life. So much to tell about this! not only 'sex' but giving all heart in it, as I told myself also when I met F. 'If only for four month' it is worth. That one lasted years. But I even do not regret when I was fooled, I did love. When one loves one is so happy!
We have "seen" each other
The interaction with all the other very interesting participants was another big plus. We had enough time to know each other, to speak and discover. Interact.
Candid is often even better
Can not tell now, another time, all we learned, experiences, many great moments. Some disturbing. As I do not like to be told: that is the way. As I am convinced, there are many ways.

Eureka moment for me was when Judy insisted again and again to SEE and appreciate other people. Tell them you appreciate them, make them SEEN. And suddenly, I realised: that is what I have done this last ten years: showed my appreciation with my camera to thousands of people. Telling them something I appreciated. Making them feel SEEN. Perhaps 5000 till now and growing...
Violonist near Sacre Coeur (4)
And my pictures are SEEN too, and the people I take with them. Last week, one day only 10000 came to see my photos, now it dropped back to 'only 7000'.
Joy of life 4
I remember the worker at the building how proud he posed, and the driver of camion, and the vegetable seller, the butcher, and the mother with a kid. So many with whom I exchanged a few words. Yes, I needed the contact too.
Market Argenteuil Val N.Dame-06
But each time I showed or even told my appreciation and left them with the impression they were SEEN.
Photos copyright 2007 Julie Kertesz
More, next time.

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