We have all a story to tell, so tell yours

Slide by Freddie Danniels
Yesterday, no 77th gig.

I set near someone who had a cold and passed it to me. I can barely breath. When you are with many people, as we where at the Division B meeting Saturday, 150 or more, that could happen.

Probably for the best, and I will be well soon.

At the moment, home, I have to take time and think. Again. Take a pause. Reflect. What I want to do next year? What road, what path to choose between those possible?

I will finish my 77th gig, and do slowly some more, such a fun! but that is not my main aim for sure. I does give a message, in some ways too and I learn from it each time.

Too old for becoming a great keynote speaker, even if I can do it from time to time. And getting a "lot of money" from it would not be worth all the effort it takes to market it.

What remains, I found out with my Speech Buddy yesterday is creating, offering, doing workshops.

I love teaching! Always did. Am good at it.

From childhood, and school, when I taught Algebra to classmates who needed it, then Chemical Analysis to young girls in the laboratory I was chief, to the Washington's American University, half lifetime ago when I did teach also Analytical Chemistry, this time to the Students of year 3.

That time, encouraged by Toastmasters I joined, and books I read, I went to the Chemistry Chair asking "I love teaching, but how can I know if I am good at teaching?" And she answered me "We just have a position for replacing a professor who got a baby, try it."

After the semester, she told me: "Julie, you are great teacher. You will be able to teach anything to anyone!"

She (the university) did not pay me a lot, but this words were the best reward I could get.

Later, I did teach, computer programming at beginner level, even if I just learned it, I did teach different use of programs on Macintosh, one by one or in groups.

I loved it. They loved it. And they loved me: their faces would light as they met me at the technical university court yard. We connected. Just before my 60th birthday, I did empower many working at that university. Meanwhile, continuing to coach also one by one.

Yes, I love teaching, in many ways.

Arriving in London, I learned a lot then begun to give it back, organising storytelling workshops over six month, empowering many to go up and tell their stories even on stage. Enjoying the confidence that gave them.

A workshop is less paid (or not at all sometimes) then a keynote, so what? It does give me a lot of joy. It does empower others to do new things or old things better.

I love to learn and experiment, love the contact with others, and yes, also enjoy a lot to teach.

How can I pitch this in 2 minutes?

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