Public Speaking Olympiad

Yesterday, at the pub The George, across the Royal Court of Justice on Strand, four Speakers club, each with three representatives, competed and spoke in four different styles to show their maestia in public speaking.

The Society of Cogers, the Association of Speakers Clubs, the Speakersbank trainers and Toastmasters International.

I heard about it in theLondonSpeaker blog, and I am so happy I went - I learned so much!

The Chairman was Gwyn Redgers from the College of Public Speaking, the Chief Judge our own David Thompson, who helped me with my Ice breaker a year ago, he is now also chairman of the Speakers Trust, and has been Toastmaster now for 15 years.

Round 1 : Debating, for and against controversial topics
Round 2 : Topics - the same unknown topic given to all
Round 3 : Youth style - an introducer, a speaker, one thanking
Round 4 : Cogers style, about the last weeks news

I could hardly believe that David Jones, from TMs has been stuttering during his childhood and youth, he become such a great speaker! I think, that partially because of his great discourse about overcoming the difficulty in its life, but also the debating power of Paul and the charming authenticity of Laura, the Toastmasters team won this time.

Also, in fact, all won by having partiticpated and amused us, surprised us, delighted us. Shown their maestria. Many many great ideas for future club meetings!

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