From Blue Elephant, Edited

Edited version of the tale told at the Blue Elephant theatre, in preparation for the True Tales event.

I like my voice variety but still have some things to add. It helps a lot to be able to listen and listen again, and thus learn it better.

When I was ten.mp3

The editing is done with Audacity 1.3, a free wonderful software I learn to use better and better. It is almost as if you edit a text, but of course instead of putting part of it in bigger size I can amplify, or reduce the noise, and many other features I have yet to learn. Of course also cut unnecessary parts from it, ahms or even too long silences in the middle of a sentence or a whole paragraph that I feel is not needed. It is a pleasure to edit with Audacity, and then, export it again in a format my Box.net website and this blog admits.

Audacity can be found for PC and also for Mac, unlike Photostory from Microshoft only for 'official' Windows PC owners. But Picassa can also make a slideshow similar to Photostory, even if its use seems for me less intuitive for the moment.

So much available and so much to learn! There is a wonderful world out there for us, if only we can discover it, learn to approach and enjoy.

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