Facettes : Storyteller, Comedian, Toastmaster

My different passions 2012:

Storyteller: Edinborogh and London
Comedian : London, Paris, Leicester...
Toastmaster : London

Each hatea taught me something different and each activity helped the other.

First came Toastmasters, speak in public, loving the audience and getting used to it. I fall in love with them, 4 years ago.

Then came telling personal true stories in theatre, at Townhall of Manchester, in Blackheath and London, even Edinbourg. Discovered 3 years ago, paid "pro?!" it gives me a new light on my life and courage to those listening to my,different tales created from parts of my life. Instant connection to the audience leaves us all happier, 'we can do'.

Third, came learning of standup comedy, going out to, now 50 times to different comedy clubs. Experimenting as standup with different, and in general, very reactive audience. finding out, I had Funny bones was a stunning experience for me, and at the same time I make laugh, I transmit a message: old is not as you may think, old can think or talk (or do) as young do.

Back to Toastmasters, to coach and create storytelling workshop. Last year, a very successful workshop, with 5 from it telling tales at the theatre at the finish, this year it will begin end of September, with new challeng and more experience. And, some of old learning last year, now teaching together with me.

All those different activities, and photography and blogging, relate and compliment each other. Looking observing relating life, our life and those around us. A beam of light, our view, my personal but in the same time general point of view.

More it is personal, more touches all who inside, feel but do not express it.

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