Tonight at Oxford, Monkey Business

Gigging tonight.

The Oxford, is on 256, Kentish Town, London NW5 2AA, Monkey Business Comedy.

Worried how it will go, and exhalirated at the same time.

No matter, soon I'll have behind me 50 successful comic performances, 100 speeches most with stories, each time I worry again, want to make it better, a little different.

While my stories are each time different, as I have lots of up and downs to tell about, the gig set carries very slowly. Improving testing with small spoons at a time. Writing it down, learning new bits, adjusting. I learned a lot by Standup Comedy. I continue to learn. Looking forward to meet new audience. And soon, combine comedy with stories, give them in the middle of music.

Most important, we are creating, and I imagined created the workshop with others imput too, about Personal storytelling. Just listened to Michele Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention, and was convinced more then ever of the impact of Personal Stories, exemples, in a speech. 

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