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After True Storytelling at Canal Cafe Theatre (and other places) with Spark London, Comedy Club experiences in 50+ gigs, I begun to go out now to Variety shows. Tell humorous stories. Yesterday, at The Finsbury - exit 7 Manor House Tube, my story was very well taken and made also laugh a lot.
The Scott and me
Direct from Edinburgh, where I delivered Humorous True Tales with Spark London
Places, with music, songs, comedy, storytelling at the same night.

It is an interesting experience, that I enjoy. Tonight, ~ ten minutes "Unexpected" story I created for Spark London this August in Edinburgh and went so well with Grant's Audience in Riddles Court.. 
Variety night, At The Finsbury, near Manor Tube, 8 30 pm

Firstly, it is longer then the short gigs and I have outgrown the beginner 5 minute comedy. I can have 10 or more minutes now even with gigs, but not yet everywhere. For Humorous Story we have 10 and I hope, soon 20 because stories need more breath with dialogue and scenes.

Already begun with humorous storytelling in one club, then a longer paid standup comedy in another, and longer comedy gigs in others. They all invited me back and referred me also to other clubs. I will combine, and go on to 20, preparing for After dinner places in the future too.

My first experiences, showed me also the differences of audiences.

More responsive usually in comedy clubs, and not only as laughter but for dialogue, in a variety show, the laughter is still there, but they are less used to answer back. To be seen and known, to remain more with rhetorical questions not waiting for people to cry out loud "yes, we want to know" for example. As I would not ask such question in the Theatre while telling a true tale, I should not in variety show either, or differently.

All audiences are great and I am in love with all of them, they are just, different.

Here from my last in the new Kaleido club.

"Thanks for a fantastic 10 mins Julie. It was a great atmosphere at the first night. Looking forward to the next one..." Nicola Kaleido www.clubkaleido.com

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