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Working on a speech, a story a comedy set goes up and down, and even more when we begin a new one.

After the relative cold of the audience 10 days ago, I was voted 'best speaker' at our speech marathon meeting, with an improved version.

It is not easy to tell a 'standup tragedy' story that touches audience, but I succeeded a lot better this time, my confidence is back. I will be able to make yet another important story and add it to my repertoire.

Of course, more to tell, more to improve. "Your best so far" told me one of them. I am not so sure, but it is a true story worthwhile to tell. Necessary to leave. I will probably put here the video when I receive it.

The story of three naked women. In Auschwitz, where I was not told to me when I was just past 11 year old, by my future aunt, 20, who just returned. It remained in me as if I was there from that time. Now, I try to transmit.

she told me many stories, I had chosen this from them, as it impressed me most and made her feel guilty - when she was not. Already at 11 I understood that.

It also made me grow up. Changed me. I do believe it did have a great impact on my life, because I could visualise it so well. Now I will be giving the story, acting it out, many times, till it improves, crystallises well, as the story of 'when I was ten, the war caught up with me.

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