70 things to do when you turn 70

Yes, I am the 27th essay: Never too late.

I got two complimentary copies, and ordered two more (9 £ each): there is so much wisdom from so many different seniors in it!

Here are first some citations from the past some used:

George Bernard Show:
"We do not stop playing because we grow old,
We grow old because we stop playing."

And some others advice: begin to play again! Fool around.


At his 70th year birthday, Mark Twain:
"At 70 you may through aside the decent reserved you which has oppressed you, and outspoken stand unafraid..."
So many good metaphors too. Here is one from Nikki Giovanni.
"I am saying. This is your car. You drive it. If you got a passages for part of it, good for you. If not, let the top down and hit the road. Now. Go and be happy."
This resonates to me so much also, as to celebrate my 70th birthday, I did hit the road, literally and for the first time in years drove a car long distance again: from Washington DC to the outer banks of North Carolina. I was drunk with the pleasure: I can do it still. Then, back, I had for a short while, a passager. Before, I had to let the top down and go my way again. Discovering new path, new roads, new joys. In Paris then in London.

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