Tonight a new Humorous speech: 'clean'

 Tonight, I will try at the French Toastmasters Club called French Connection, near the Holborn Viaduct, a 'clean' humorous motivational speech. Hope, will be able to have a video to add it here.

Of course, I do not feel that using playfully a few times 'shit' or 'fuck' is dirty, but some old fashioned still do. Even for the stage only. I am old, yes, soon 80, but not old fashioned, stuffy, hypocrite.

My great great mother told me a story when she was 92 ending it with 'and then I decided never to be hypocrite.' I do remember it as if it happened to me, not 100 years ago.

Anyway, I have to have different repertoire for different audiences. So this one is great to build on later, expend from seven minutes to a lot more. I even found some new transitions!

The problem loose its teeth... Ah, yes, about teeth, later I lost three.

Well, 'clean' did not give me any point. Neither did the great laugh of the audience, many times.

So what? It is not the first time I ask myself how they judge. I got from it good pals, who liked it a lot. I got also good new lines I wrote specially for it and will reuse from now on in my gig and texts. It was well worth doing it. I got one step farther then I was last week.

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