Photos I took in the Photographers Gallery

I went to see my photos in the Gallery centre London: so far only this one goes on, but soon at least one more. Then, who knows.

This one is mine!

And I found nice people at the gallery, interesting around the Oxford circles, so many uses mobile devices these days!

Yes, I should not forget, I am also a passionate photographer.

This days, the others photographers visiting my images on the Flickr site jumped from 1000 by day to up more 6000 daily visits who do come to look at some of my photos. Even if does not last: it seems impressive.

Of course, it does not beat the 200 faithful readers returning  for almost ten years by now, day after day to read my French blog Il y a de la vie après 70 ans (there is life after 70 - which I proved day after day), nor the rush of joy I feel telling, being with live audience or the energy they give me.

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  1. I really do not understand why, but yesterday it jumped to 16000. Those numbers do not mean anything now, as most does not stop to comment or favorite them. But from where they come?