Now or never : seize when yet another chance arrives

Now or Never was the theme of that night at Spark London true storytelling event.


My first ever story told at Canal Café Theatre with Spark London, 
this soundtrack is published recently on Mixcloud by Spark London, yesterday twittered.

I listened at it, again this morning.

Created fall 2009, told on scene in October 2009 : it begins and ends telling how important role Toastmasters clubs played in my life when I was 45 and at 75 again. Also my move from Paris to London, which was then recent in my mind. How I found my home, then my community. And fall in love. With the audience.

Today, I would tell it differently, probably more humour added with some of opening up for some of my initial motives for example. But without me realising then, I was already funny, and the audience laughed already a few times.

Most important, I am stunned that what I want to fight for now and tomorrow, what I believe in, come out clear and did not essentially change. My attachment to the public speaking clubs in London "Toastmasters" and my believe in the importance of personal stories. And also, to prove by example that it is Never to late, but we do have to seize the chance when it arrives.

the second time, the third time, there is always yet another. Now or never? Take it now!

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