Dare to fail

Dare to fail was the title of my first comedy speech in Lewisham speakers club in 2009, and indeed, I was ready to try: never guessed I could get first price with it in my club.

Dare to fail! Sais also Syd Field, whose 'the screenwriters workbook' I just got and opened. He is even more categoric: You won't learn anything unless you give yourself permission to make mistakes, to try things that does not work. Yes, of course, making mistakes on the path does not mean 'fail' even if at the moment it seams as it. You have to risk and learn and that is the way to go!

Syd sais Visual Storytelling is like screenwriting, and while I have no ambition to learn to make a film, write a scenario, visual storytelling does interest me a lot. Let us see, what I can learn from it! Alas, I have three different books and differents crafts I am studying at the same time, a bit too much perhaps! Comedy, keynote speech writing from Judy Carter, and this one. Soon, I have to settle for one, at first. For now, I am hopping here and there, hungry.

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