Humor Bootcamp Las Vegas 13/14 Juillet

* * * Attention: Speakers, Authors, and Performers * * *



July 13 & 14, 2013! Live in Las Vegas!

Darren LaCroix's Humor Champ Camp

If you would like to be funnier,
and connect with your audience
at a much deeper level...

Darren and Julie
Darren with me in London.

.I asked her and she said yes.  I’m THRILLED Judy Carter is joining me to help teach you! Judy is the woman who opened my eyes to the fact that humor is a LEARNED skill! If you know my story, you know her. She literally wrote the book on how to be funny! I never dreamed I’d join her on stage teaching. Be there for this amazing transformational teaching duo.

I hope, Judy Carter will be too, indeed. 
If you don’t know Judy, here are some things you should know (…and why I’m so excited!). Conventional wisdom among comedians used to be that stand-up comedy couldn’t be taught. Judy Carter changed that by opening the first stand-up comedy workshop in Los Angeles is 1984.
After appearing with her new book on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Carter became a sought after comedy teacher, teaching workshops all across the US, as well as in Canada, Australia, England, and Germany.
Graduates from her workshop include top touring stand-up comics as well as some of the top successful movers & shakers of comedy . . .
Seth Rogen (Knocked up, Superbad), Tom Shadyac (director of Bruce Almighty, Patch Adams, Liar Liar , The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and more), Sherri Shephard (The View), former SNL cast members, and headlining comics from leading clubs and the Tonight Show.
Humor is the fastest way to connect with your audience!
Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation or an audience of 1,000. You must connect before you can persuade!
What if you could make more people laugh more often? What would that feel like? What would that mean to your business? Would you be recommended more? Would you have more fun doing what you do? Your time is important, so what if we could change that in just two days?
Not only will you create your own humor at this boot camp, you’ll get up on stage and test it. Often.
You will get lots of stage time!
Proven techniques, professionally presented,
with helpful documentation. A well-constructed…”

~ Russel Scott Manthy, King’s View Consulting

Everyone wishes they were funnier, but…
Have you been envious of the person who has everyone gravitating towards? What if you could have some of that?
There’s no such thing as “Funny School.” There is no microchip you can implant to instantly make you funnier. Most people believe you are either born funny, or not. If you weren’t given the “funny gene” at birth you are out of luck this lifetime. Pray for reincarnation! Better luck next time around. This Boot Camp destroys this myth! We’ve got proof.

Boring? NEVER!

Has anyone ever bored you into their point of view? OK, maybe that one time you gave in just to shut someone up, but that is just not a powerful strategy. Agree?
Boring never “sold” or persuaded anyone! If you are a speaker, no one ever said, “Oh boy, you’ve got to hire that presenter, they can bore any audience.”

OK, maybe you’re saying, “But I’m just not funny!”

Perfect! You’re just like me (Darren). I was born without a funny bone in my body. Just ask my brother. In fact the first time my brother laughed at me is when I told him I want to be a comedian. Ouch!
I was smart enough to know that I wasn’t funny, and I needed guidance. The best thing I did was became incredibly “coachable.”
I went to people who were the best at their craft and I learned from them. Experts in any field “think differently.” A huge waste of time is trying to save money and learn from people who are just a half step ahead of you. They teach out of a textbook, not from years of experience.
So, I took every comedy class I could. I sat at the feet of the masters. I learned from the greatest humor and improv teachers in the business. I learned their tools, techniques, and followed their systems. Guess what, it worked! They were right. It was well worth my time and investment. Now, making people laugh is what I do for a living. Trust me people who knew me growing up are shocked when they found it. I was the quiet kid.
I am living proof that anyone can “learn” to be funny. We’ll prove it to you during the boot camp. You will believe it can be learned and astounded that our process works so well. You’ll leave with “a proven process” that you can repeat over and over again.

Being funny at a party or when the situation appears is good, however, learning the process of “planned humor.” Especially planned humor can add so much to one’s self confidence. Does that make sense. How powerful does it feel to have a story or a bit that works every time.

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