The Message: Never too late

As it seems, a TEDx is not so far away after all, it is not all "impossible dream", I begun to think to discover, between many messages, which is the more important, which is more from my whole life experience.

Is it something uniting many seemingly very different from my life stories?

I do think I found one.

So far at least is my preferred one.


Never too late, for a first kiss: I was 23
Never too late to become woman: For me 25
Never too late to have the first child: 28
Never too late to live in a new country: 30, 43 and 74!
Never too late to begin a new life...
Never too late to change profession. 48!
Never too late to discover talents you did not think you had: comedy at 77!

Well, there are many stories to choose from my life, I can tell some or not. Perhaps, I could write a book where I do put all of them? Are there new books which have videos - like a blog - incorporated, sounds and images too?

Never too late to make one!

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